On Saturday, December 16th, the third congress of the Pravyi Sector National-Liberation Movement was held in the Ukrainian capital. The solemn event was devoted to the 4th anniversary of the foundation of this Ukrainian organization onto the revolutionary Maidan. More than 500 representatives of the movement from all over Ukraine, as well as respectable guests — leaders of brotherly nationalist forces and Ukraine-minded MPs Oksana Korchynska, Yuriy Tymoshenko and Oleg Petrenko, who became involved in the work of the congress.

The congress was traditionally opened with solemn introduction of the DUC RS (the Pravyi Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps) combat flag and congratulatory words from Andriy "Letun" Stempitsky, the Corps commander, to all present. After that, speeches were made by Oleg Tiahnybok (the Svoboda nationalist political party head), Andriy Biletskyi (the National Corps nationalist political party head), Victor Serdulets (the Stepan Bandera Tryzub commander in chief), Stepan Bratsiun (the head of the Kongress of Ukrainian Nationalists), Yevheny Karas ( the C14 organisation head), Taras Deyak (the Carpathian Sich organization leader), Andriy Sereda, a frontman of the Kumy Vnyz band (which has long become a living legend of Ukraine's right music and whose songs have enspired not a single generation of Ukraine's freedon fighters). Immediately upon completion of the speeches, guests switched to the working issues of the congress's agenda.

After the implementation of all the votes and the approval of the Pravyi Sector's political party new regulations, the most exciting moment of the congress took place. Andriy "Pylipas" Tarasenko, the political wing leader, handed party tickets to the war veterans, and Andriy Stempitsky, in his turn, rewarded them with medals for honour. They also recalled those, who put own lives to the altar of Ukrainian state independence. 

Among other DUC's representatives in the Heavenly Host, Andryi Stempitsky noted the courage and heroism of Serhiy "Sever" Tabala - our comrade from the city of Sumy, the youngest of glorious Ukrainian cyborgs, a defender of the Donetsk airport. On the day, he could celebrate own 22th birthday, Friend "Sever" was awarded with the Order of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps posthumously. Andriy Stempitskiy handed the combat award to the head of the Sumy regional branch of the Pravyi Sector, who personally handed her to they youn hero's  family. After that, all the fallen Ukrainian warriors were honored with a minute of silence. The nationalist congress was finished with the national anthem of Ukraine.

source Sychovik