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"The Treaty of an Ally State" On Russia's future plans on Belarus

"This may be a good tradition to meet in the advance of a New Year," -  V. V. Putin. "May be," -  O. G. Lukashenko.
These very words were said in Moscow on December 29, on the eve of the New Year on the meeting of two presidents, the main topic of which was a compensation to the Belarusian "partners" (that's Putin's favorite word for the country against which further aggression is scheduled) for Russia's tax maneuver for sale of petroleum products to Belarus. And yet, Belarus received it in the amount of $ 400 million, but under what conditions? Let's dig into it later.
The essence of this maneuver is the abolition of discounts on duty rates on petroleum products export, as a result of which a hole of $ 400 million - $ 2 billion will appears in Belarus's state budget for 2019, it will grow annually. Such enormous amounts were the result of the integration of the Belarusian and Russian economies, but that's not the key point.
The ordin…

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