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The inspirer of the Ukrainian insurgents

Ukrainian land for centuries gave birth to majestic figures. Our history knows not only princes and hetmans, but also ordinary warriors, who also worked their own destiny and the fate of the whole country. Today we remember one of the pantheon of those to whom the descendants of Volodymyr the Great, Ivan Mazepa and Stepan Bandera owe their existence on the map of Europe, to the faithful son of Ukraine — Yuri Gorodianyn-Lisovskyi. In the interwar period, he became known to the public as Yuriy Horlis-Horskyi. All conscious life a native of the Poltava region was Don Quixote of his time, putting his soul and body on the altar of Ukrainian statehood. Quite often, his desperate character of the rebel (insurgent), Yuriy Horlis-Horskyi, hid behind a stylish suit and playful look. He was a member of the First World War and this combat experience was useful to the young Army of the Ukrainian People's Republic. In 1918-1920 he served as a colonel at the commander-in-chief Symon Petl

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