Показано дописи з Листопад, 2014

Internal war against Ukrainian nation

Today is the first birthday of the Right Sector

Talk about the need to abandon the Donbass - This is a work in favor of our enemies (analytical commentary of the "Right Sector")

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Euromaidan has won but Revolution - not

Saint Michael the Archangel help us in the struggle for Ukraine!

Revolution contra "Euromaidan"

Свобода или Смърть/Свобода або Смерть!

Croatian breakthrough

The servant of dark forces (about Lenin and symbolism)

Ukrainian National Strategy

Kingdom of Ruthenia (Principality of Galicia–Volhynia)

"Distribution of Russia" as an alternative for utopia of Eurasianism

Alexandr Dugin is the weapon of Zionism, Eurasia is the new Khazaria

Order - is not a political party

Sounds of a Peace


The Berlin Wall as a reminder of the dangers of Kremlin neo-Stalinism for Europe

Congratulations to the commander with day of his Heavenly Patron

In memory of Sworn Brother

Memories of "Svoboda"

Russian nationalists: We stand against neo-Bolshevism! Russian nationalists against Novorossia.