Majestic and hard times are always full of tragic and incredible events, in which we are used to see some causal relationships and search logical explanations. However, the word "fate" had never sounded so often and loud, as it is now.

The revolution, the war, achievements, feats, loss, love, duty and death. In the midst of all these things comes the realization that the rational and explicable is just a visible shell of our world. Our ancestors had seen the world as the place widely populated by amazing creatures, spirits and essences, confessing the dominance of fate and the will of Almighty God over themselves. And they were right in this! Long stay in the maelstrom of events not only increases your faith, but also gives you the opportunity to realize that the habitual to us world in its material manifestations is nothing but a superstructure. 

In his new exhibition a young Ukrainian artist under the pseudonym Lieutenant Sturm (which he has borrowed from the eponymous novel by Ernst Junger, that tells the story of a brave and comprehensively advanced representative of "heroic modernism" - an artist, a soldier and a poet) entitled "The second edition: Trees and Shadows" represents that sort of mystical and idealistic look to the events he has passed through last three years. The exhibition presents a series of works that had been created in the terms of the revolution and the war. To see the horror or to be inspired by beauty, to see mechanic destruction or eternal victory of nature. Experience, impressions and reflections, transferred to the paper. It is what "Lt. Sturm" is going to share with you. 

His artworks have to be seen as manifestations of an infinite, a boundless in the physical, vital and sensual - in the line with Hegel's definition of the concept of "classics." "Classicism," or rather "the turn to the classics," we can see in his artworks, is rooted to the European aesthetics tradition. Aesthetics as an attempt to express the ideal in the material. After all, a noble soul will always do the appropriate things.

The exhibition has been opened on February 10, in the lecture room of the Plomin literary club in the Cossack House of Kyiv, it will be last up to Feb 20. Join.