Alexandr Dugin is the weapon of Zionism, Eurasia is the new Khazaria

Alexandr Dugin is the weapon of Zionism, Eurasia is the new Khazaria

Not many people in the West realize that Alexandr Dugin is a crypto-Jew, and his Eurasian Movement is the special strategy by the global Zionism to extend the New World Zion to Eurasia. He separates Semitic / Sephardic Jews from the Ashkenazi Jews (92% of all world Jewry), who are Khazars (Turks with zero semitic blood, who converted into Judaism in the mid 8th century, and among whom were some Russians with Turkish blood), and claims that Eurasia should belong to the multinational / multicultural conglomerate led by “the god-chosen” Khazars.

In fact, his Eurasia is nothing else than the re-building of the Khazar Empire, which was destroyed by Russians in the 10th century. Mr. Dugin is aggressively indifferent to the fact that Russia is a mononational country, with 70% ethnical Russians, and 80% who call themselves Russians. He is the worst enemy of Russia and Russians, because he is after the destruction of Russian national identity with his anti-Russian Khazarian “Eurasia”.

North-American Union, African Union, European Union, Pacific Union — and now the “Eurasian Union” of Mr. Dugin – this is precisely the plan of the global Zionism: to weaken the core nations of the world, to erase their history, to dissolve their national identities, to split their territories into weak insignificant parts, which will conflict with each other, and which would be easy to unite into pro-zionist trans-unions on the way towards the Global Zion.

And, then, such crypto-Jews like Dugin will transfer the leadership in Eurasia to the Zionist terrorists like Eskin, who would claim the Zionist domination openly and unequivocally. Mr. Dugin’s Eurasia is Khazarian Zion. And if you read his essay “The Jews and Eurasia” carefully: he attributes to the Jews the major role in the Russian history of the 20th century. No more, no less.

His Christian fundamentalism is a rouse, and is as detrimental to Russia and Russian Quantum Leap, as his “Eurasia” is, that eliminates Russians from Russia, so that even to call oneself a Russian became shameful in Dugin’s Russia. It is not for nothing that Dugin called for the ban on quantum physics in Russia, and the bonfire for the textbooks on quantum physics. And that is why he invited to his Council “Eurasia Movement” an open Zionist terrorist Avigdor Eskin, who desecrated the grave of a Palestinian via leaving there the head of a dead swine.

But, alas, true Old Testament Jews were negroid Ethiopians. And Mr. Dugin’s speculations about “the role of Jews” and Mr. Eskin’s dreams of the “Global Zion” are the ill-born fantasies of the tribe that has nothing to do with the Old Testament, and belongs in Turkey.

This is not to say that Russia should not form a Union with its neighbors, or that the pride in one’s Russian identity is Nazism. Russian Nationalism is opposite to Hitler’s Nazism and Talmud’s Nazism.

Nationalism and Nazism are two opposites. Nazism denies the right to life to other nations, and, thus, it denies the very concept of nationality. Contrary to Nazism, the Nationalism is based on the holographic principle of quantum physics: if the universe is entirely in its every [matrix] point, then, each [matrix] point is not simply different from the other point, but is unique. This implies a multi-polar world, consisting of self-sufficient sovereign — unique — matrix states. And, if a Russian in Russia is forbidden to call himself a Russian, with the true history of Russia being suppressed in “Eurasia”, this is precisely the implementation of the genocidal policy of Talmud.

Since the authentic Jews of the Old Testament were black Ethiopians, and their authenticity of being “a god’s chosen people” is based on “mother’s blood,” all pretenses of Mr. Dugin to belong to “god’s chosen Ethiopians” are laughable. And his attempt to derive Russian “traditionalism” from the traditions of Ethiopians is a clinical case.

PS  In 1999, Eskin defiled the grave of Izz al-Din al-Qassam: he placed a pig’s head on the grave.