Having being encouraged by activities of Ukrainian nationalists at the battlefields of Donbass, an initiative group of Estonian patriots organized a military training club at home. The club was called "Parem Sektor Leegion," that points on links with the Pravy Sector Ukrainian nationalist movement. 

Since the beginning of Russian invasion to Ukraine, the Baltic states leaders have repeatedly expressed the opinion that their countries can be next targets. As for Ukraine, it is the nationalists who had formed a vanguard of Ukrainian Defence forces in 2013. An it's great to see that indifferent Estonians, whose minds haven't been poisoned extreme-liberal rubbish of Moscow's fables about "old-good USSR." 

The Estonian followers of the Pravy Sector hone their military skills every month, conducting trainings mostly in forests. It's worth remembering that the Baltic states have as same problem as Ukraine - they share a border with the Russian Federation. Estonian comrades believe that the militarization of society is the key to organisation of succesfull resistance to possible invasion form the East.