History has a spiral structure, that is, it tends to bring the people to familiar situations and phenomena, to force them to make such mistakes and to fight again for what was lost during a certain period of time. Modern Kyiv may not reflect the greatness that was in the days of princely Russia, but it is a matter of time. Every century has its turbulent pages that failed to weaken the authority of the "mother of the Russian cities", because Kyiv is still the epicenter of the statehood of the Ukrainian nation.

At one time, Kyiv united many tribes living between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. If the various nationalities were not now denied that they have nothing to do with Kyiv and its authority over them, they are very wrong. Enemies are well aware that the greatness of Kiev has not succumbed to numerous attempts to destroy, so they continue to diverse kinds of sabotage. On the one hand, they try to discredit the capital of Ukraine, which at one time was the center of Christianity, the place of residence of St. Olga and St. Volodymyr, carrying out various measures of sodomy there. On the other hand, they impose their "Kremlin barbarism", in the form of manifestations of dash attacks and the defending of Soviet-Russian criminals. These things are just a drop in the sea of attacks. Each of the globalist centers cherishes the hope of weakening Kyiv so that it cannot become full-fledged.

To be clear, Kyiv for Ukrainians, as Rome for the Italians! We also have all roads leading to Kyiv. At one time, everyone was working on the weakening and the decline of Rome; they also worked and worked on Kyiv. The modern metropolis is characterized by the fact that it is organized criminal government, which previously united its usurpation and in the future will unite Ukrainians in the struggle for statehood. If nationalist power is formed in the Petchersk hills, Muscovy is better known as the "Kyiv Junta", which they mistakenly called one of the oligarchic-liberal clans, then Kyiv will take, even with weapons, its role in shaping the whole of Eastern Europe. This will happen unambiguously! If you do not believe in such a scenario, then our struggle will not reach that degree of boiling, which will enable us to escape the "hug" of globalist groups.

The future is in Kyiv hands! Every land of Ukraine, every village and every Ukrainian who is faithful to him, makes it invincible. In the last years of the struggle, the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea Union was born, if so, what city should be the center of this alliance? Definitely Kyiv, however not with today's authoritarian regime of the oligarchs. Let's face it, we have the opportunity to think about leadership in Eastern Europe, and half a century ago Kyiv was occupied by the Soviet totalitarian power and Ukrainians for the highest set the return of independence. There is nothing impossible, and everything is in our hands. And it will be as the Lord wants it!..