In the light of recent events in Italy, associated with the person of Roman Markiv, a Ukrainian military serviceman and a veteran of the war in Donbass, who has been arrested on quite a vague accusations, we think it worthwhile to recall (and draw the Italian security service's attention) an interesting fact, concerns both our countries. It's no longer be a secret, that in addinion to representatives of local criminality and own regular army Russia has widelly involved foreign mercenaries to the conflict in the Donbass. Among others, there are about few dozen of the residents of Italy. The informational agency has published full list of Italian colaborators with the Kremlin-guided terrorist goups of the Donbass. 

Gabriele Carugati; callsign "Arhangel;" a resident of the town of Cairate, Italy. Here is the one's profile on the Facebook. He has been participating the histilities in Donbass on the terrorists' side since 2014. First Carugati joined the "Unite Continentale" international mercenary unit, which had acted within of the "Prizrak" terrorist battalion. Later, he surfaced in staff of the "7th company of the 4th Motorized Rifle Battalion" of the DNR terrorist organisation. Now he is one of the fighters of the "Vostok" terrorist group. To the temporarily occupied territories he entered through uncontrolled part of the state border, neighbouring with the Rostov region of the RF. Before leaving for Ukraine, Gabriel worked as a security guard in a mall. His mother Silvana Marin is a secretary of the Kairat's office of the Lega Nord Italian separatist right-wing party.

Andrea Palmeri; 40 y.o.; resident of Lucca, Tuscany. Andrea is a football ultras; in the homeland he is wanted by police for committing criminal offenses. Since 2014 he has been fighting in the "Prizrak" terrorist unit, formerly leaded by Mozgovoy. His profile on the Facebook. In Ukraine he used a mobile phone number +38 (095) 594-05-47.

Antonio Cataldo; a native of Nola; passport number - YA2750770. He used to live in the city of Cisano di San Domenico. Antonio is a veteran of the French Foreign Legion. In 2009 he was trained in raids and armed escorts in Russia and Kazakhstan. In 2011, as a mercenary, he had fought in Libya on the rebels side, where he was detained and taken to the prison of Tripoli. Then he continued his career as a terrorist in the Middle East. From 2014 to 2016 he had fought on the side of the LNR terrorist organisation within the "7th company of the 4th Motorized Rifle Battalion." The foreigner came to Ukraine through uncontrolled part of the border from Rostov. His further career Cataldo decided to continue in Syria, as a mercenary for the presidential army. This is his page in a social network. The number he used to use in Ukraine: +38 (095) 716-17-98.

Edi Buitre O'ngaro; callsign Bozambo. He is from the village of Gissago Portogruaro in the province of Venice. In 2015, Eddie joined the InteUnit group, that is a part of the "Prizrak" battalion, where he is fighting currently against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On February 2, 2016 Ongaro participated the so-called "International Conference of Volunteers," organized by Alexander Borodai in Moscow. 

Luigi Frau; a 47-year-old; a native of Cagliari. His Facebook profile. He joined the "DNR" terrorist organisation two year ago. It is known that on May 5, 2015 Frau flew from the Fiumicino airport in Rome to Prague. From there he took another flight to Rostov-on-Don, Russia. On the territory of Ukraine he uses an Italian number +39345923250.

Fazolo Alberto; also known under a callsign "Nemo;" a native of Rome, Passport: AA0278798. On July 7, 2015, through the Russian travel company "Travel Agency" Ltd. he received a one-time visa to Russia (No 230381748). From the Russian Federation he illegaly penetrated the territory of Ukraine and joined the "InteUnit" of the "Prizrak" terrorist battalion. Now Fazolo is continuing acting in the ranks of terrorists against the UAF. Mobile phone number +393385805710

Alberto Donelli. Since 2015 has been fighting against the Ukrainian defence forces is in the ranks of "InteUnit" group of the "Prizrak" terrorist battalion.

Maurizio Vezzosi; birth date: Dec. 4, 1989; passport No: YA6743527. On May 13, 2015, Maurizio illegally penetrated the territory of Ukraine occupied by terrorists through the Izvarino checkpoint. Currently he is fighting in the ranks of "Unite Continentale" group within the "Prizrak" terrorist battalion.

Vittorio Nicola Rangeloni; was born on Dec. 4, 1991; passport No: YA0114576, a resident of Valsassina. He is fluent in Russian, graduated from the Bovaro Institute in Lecco in the field of geodesy. On May 15, 2015 he illegaly entered the territory of Ukraine through the Izvarno checkpoint and joined one of the divissions of the "Prizrak" terrorrist battalion.

After a while he decided to continue his cooperation with the terrorists as military correspondent for the "LNR Today" propaganda agency. In fact Rangeloni has been translating terrorists' "front-line reports" and other propagandist matherials to Italian. He beliving himself a fighter of information and propaganda war, and wears a military uniform.

Vladimir Verbitchii; callsign "Parma;" born on Aug. 11, 1993 in Moldova. He has been participating the war in Donbass within the "Rusich" militant group of the LNR terrorist organisation. Following the link, you can see an interview in which Vladimir calls himself an Italian citizen. He also points out that before coming to Ukraine, he passed special military training in the Air Force of Italy. Besided that, he claimed to be a participant of conflicts in Iraq, Afganisatan and Lybia. 

Juncio Marchetti; born on Oct. 13, 1974; Passport No: YA6743527. On May 13, 2015, through the Izvarino checkpoint, he illegaly penetrated the territory of Ukraine and joined one of divissions of the "Prizrak" terrorist battalion. 

Riccardo Sotgia; a resident of the city of Sassari). In 2015, a foreigner illegally entered the occupied part of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. Currently he is a participant of the terrorists' "Vostok" militiant group and a member of the so-called "defence ministry of the DNR."

Massimo Valeriano Frisari; was born on Sept. 1, 1988 in Rome; Passport No: YA7805325. The Italian terrorist arrived to the occupied part of the Lugansk region in June 2015. Currently acting in the ranks of militiant grups of the LNR terrorist formation.

Mario Pierti; native of the city of Brescia. He has been participating an illegal militiant group of the DNR terrorist formation as a sniper.

Denny D'amore; approximately of 25-30-years-old, resident of the city of Limbiate. Has beena cting as a sniper in the ranks of the DNR's illegal military formations.

Francesko Preziuso; born on March 13, 1985. An active participant of the hostilities in the Donbass on the side of DNR-LNR terrorist formations.

Alessandro Bertolini; probably a native of the province of Veneto.

There are also data on the participation of the following Italian citizens in the battles on the side of the DNR-LNR terrorist formations: Gabriele Zecchi, Rolando Dubini, Alberto Baschiera, Marco Ferrari, Paul Robert Spadoni, Antoine Tordella, Alissa Denegri, Massimiliano Carta, Christian Serra, Adriano Bao, Luca D’Agostini, Fabio Martino, Alissa Denegri, Fulvio Rossetti, Albert Spigariol, Marco Cataldi, Matteo Volpe, Antoine Tordella.

There is information about the creation of an international armed unit based on Communist ideology named "InterUnit" within the "Prizrak" terrorist battalion, formerly leaded by A. Mozgovoy.

Next, a list of Italy residents, who have been openly promoting the DNR-LNR terrorist groups:

Francesco Sabuzi; his Facebook page. In May 2015, along with other "activists," he  illegally entered the territory of Alchevsk town (Lugansk region) and participated in mass actions anti-Ukrainian, arranged by the LNR terrorists and Russian agents on May 19, 2015. 

Italian journalists Lorenzo GiroffiAlfredo Bosco,
Andrea Sceresini and Giorgio Bianchi in February 2015 illegally entered the territory of the Donetsk region, where together with terrorists, they collected information for further propagandist activities.

Nicola Busca; birth date: Sept. 01, 1986; a journalist of the La Stampa Italian publishing house. He has been engaging in agitation in support of the Kremlin-guided DNR-LNR terrorist organisations in the Italian media. In February 2015, Busca with a group of othe rjournalists illegally entered the occupied territory of Donetsk region and participated in a staged "press tour" arranged by the terrorists and their Kremlin supervisors for foreign media.

Paolo Agrestini Molazza. In May 2015, he visited Alchevs town, located on the occupied part of Lugansk region to participate events organized by the LNR  terrorists.

Veronika Yukhina, a Russian citizen, resides in Italy, uses the phone number +393898978956 and Maria Elena Scandalito, an Italian citizen. Both the women maintain links with the LNR terrorists and distribute propaganda materials in the internet in support of Russian invasion to Ukraine and pro-Russian terrorists of Donbass.

Marcello Berera; in 2015-2016 he was a co-organizer of mass events in Italy in support of the DNR-LNR terrorist formations.

Leonardi Pierpaolo; born on October 29, 1954. Piepiolo is the head of the Central Association of Italian Trade Unions. Together with the head of the Central Association of Trade Unions of Italy in Pisa, Cinzia della Porta, in March 2016, illegally entered the territory of Lugansk to participate in events organized by the terroristsin Luhansk. 

Aldo Castagna; The one's facebook page. He actively disseminates propaganda materials in support of the LNR terrorist organisation in the Internet, takes part in the collection of material aid to the terrorist units, maintains contact with the terrorists of the Prizrak militiant grup and pro-Russian activists in Italy.

Marco Sciuttini, an active supporter of the LNR terrorist group. In May 2015, he illegally visited the occupied city of Alchevsk, Lugansk region. There Sciuttini took part in the so-called "International Anti-Fascist Forum", organized by the leadership of the Prizrak terrorist armed group.

Andrea Maria Villoti; birth date May 3,1968; an economist, in May 2015 he illegally arrived to the occupied part of Donetsk region to take part in an anti-Ukrainian forum. 

In addition, there is a number of Italian non-governmental organizations, movements and societies, who openly support and promote the above mentioned terrorist groups, among them: Patria Socialista, Comitato Solidarieta Donbass Veneto Or, Millennium, Speranza, Coordinamento solidare per il Donbass, Carovana Antifascista, Vanda Bassotti, Internacionalistas 36 II, Brigada Ruben Ruiz Ibarruri, Comité de Solidaridad con la Ucrania Antifascista, Comitato per il Donbass Antinazista.

The Ukrainian side has evidence that members of the above mentioned organisations have been providing material and other sorts of support to the Russia-backed terrorist organisations, involved to the conflict in Donbass. In addition they are involved in transfer of Italian mercenaries to the terrorist armed groups as well as in the organisation of mass events in Italy in support of the DNR-LNR activities and agitation for their official recognition by Italy's official authorities. 

In addition, there is a number of representatives of local authorities, self-government and political parties in Italy, who openly express and actively support Russia's actions against Ukraine in Crimea and Donbass. There is also a fact of the violation of Ukraine's law on the procedure for entering the temporarily occupied territory by a number of Italian MP's, who during 2014-16 years had visited the occupied Crimean peninsula and the occupied parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Among them representatives of such Italy's political parties as the Lega Nord (Matteo Salvini, Mazzi Gualtiero, Vito Comencini), the Forza Nuova (Giuseppe Raffa), Forza Italia (Fabrizio Berto, Lucio Malan, Alessandro Musolino, Alessandro Bertoldi). 

Among the representatives of Italian public organizations and self-government bodies: Umberto Solimene (a member of the FEMTEC), Filippo Frittilli (the mayor of Salsomaggiore Terme), Zoccatelli Palmarino (the president of the NGO "Committee of Independent Veneto"), Edoardo Rubini (the president of the cultural association "Europe of the Province of Veneto"), Elisio Bertolasi (a member of the "Italy-Russia" association), Francecko Lo Iudice (the vice president and founder of the "Tunisia-Russia" Chamber of Commerce and Industry).