Indeed, the XX century had written many heroic lines into the book of Ukrainian history. All they tell us about the greatest personalities, who were brave enough to lead the nation's liberation struggle in most hardest times. Being in the heart of world's great drama they had managed to say: "I believe, I wish, I will," and begun to make history. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) united and raised a caste of courageous, noblest, wisest - elites of the Ukrainian nation, uncompromisable fighters. They hadn't lived, but burned like torches on our marches. Their light remains a pointer for us to not lost ourselves among wicked ideas and useless things.  

Stepan Bandera - the OUN chief - is one of those historical figures, who has become a symbol of Ukrainian nationalism.  His name is still shrouded in myths, it's mention causes fear and hate among our enemies and great pride among Ukrainian patriots. For nationalists Stepan Bandera has become an unchanging landmark, an example of sacrificial life for the good of the nation, an embodiment of the best features a nationalist's character must have, an ideologue of nationalism, whose ideological heritage calls us to struggle. 

The negative point is that the 'Banderite' name (or banderivets - a follower of the OUN ideological heritage) has entered the mass-cultural space in Ukraine's society, which threats it to loose own essencial meaning. It is necessary to clearly understand that to be a Banderite means to be a revolutionary nationalist, to cultivate the best traits of character and highest virtues in order to serve the nation. Being a Banderite mean to understand the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism and implement it into life. 

"Perhaps, future historians will determine whether by heroism of his life, by deeds of true revolutionary nationalist and a leader of liberation struggle Stepan Bandera had influenced the success of the revolutionary struggle, or by his ideas, thoughts and the theory of the nation-liberation revolution." - Jaroslaw Stetsko.

In addition to the experience of the national liberation struggle, Stepan Bandera - as one of the greatest nationalist theorists - left us great heritage of the works. In his work "Prospects of the Ukrainian Revolution" Bandera revealed the main principles of nationalism, the purpose and the cource of Ukrainian nationalism advance, philosophical and natiosophical thoughts on the nation's life and mission, political guidelines for the establishment of Ukrainian order on Ukrainian land and a fair world order in general, the method of running the organization, recruitment, etc. what's more important, such Ukrainian nationalist theorists of the first hals of XX century as Dmytro Dontsov, Mykola Styborski and Stepan Bandera had touched upon the issues in their works, that are actual till now not only in Ukraine but all-over the region. That's why nationalist-minded people from whole the Intermarium region could find some interest points in their works. The ideology of Ukrainian nationalism remains unchanged and actual, although we embody it in new realities, with new challenges and threats. We pursue the same goal - to win back and consolidate the Ukrainian national state on the Ukrainian lands. We are actually continue the OUN's noble "struggle for Ukrainian Independent Unified State, which is theonly form of statehood, that can provide the Ukrainian people with total freedom, comprehensive free growing, welfare, social justice and true national rule." (S. A. Bandera).

True national revolution is the only way, because only through radical changes in socio-political life we can destroy the regime of internal occupation and free the Ukraine from its current neocolonial position. "Our revolutionary struggle it is a nationwide battle that is going simultaneously on the fields of spirituality, culture, it is the social-political and militaristic struggle to the complete destruction of the existing order, its content, and for the construction of a completely new and better state that will meet the needs and desires of the Ukrainian people." - S.A. Bandera.

We are honored to continue the deed of our ancestors. Today we choose to be the creators of a new heroic age, we firmly say our "I believe, I wish and I will," because "nothing can stop an idea which time has come." 

And in this noble competition Stepan Bandera and thousands of heroes are with us! "Divided by the boundary of death, but connected by the bond of faith, ideas and love, the living and the dead can themselves help one another in front of God and through God." - S. Bandera.