Now, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is close as never to an autocephaly, and this fact causes deepest concern in the Kremlin. For Moscow this means, first of all, collapse of one of its most developed and integrated security service, external intelligence and soft power propaganda network in Ukraine. Clearly the Kremlin cannot allow the termination of Ukraine's branch of the Moscow Patriarchate Church, which had made significant contribution to the Russian invasion of 2014 as well as promotion to Moscow proxy politicians. 

Clearly, we can expect the Kremlin services in Ukraine could resort to the most extreme methods to prevent the liberation of Ukrainian Orthodox. For certain, now planes with money fly all-over the Eastern Europe to to influence the choice of representatives of local Orthodox churches in the upcoming discussions of the tomos (a Constantinople Ecumenical Patriarchate decree on provision an autocephaly for Ukrainian Orthodox Church) for Ukraine. But the most important step taken by the Kremlin is direct threats to Ukraine.

In particular, we have to attention on a latest statement of Vadim Novinsky, one of the Kremlin's proteges in Ukraine: "If the church 'splits is legitimized, the probability of the collapse of the country, the civil war on religious grounds is likely. It will be started in every city, every village, for every temple." Ie, through this particular statement Moscow sends a direct message to Ukraine, that  "If Ukraine will finally gain own independent church, we will arrange a civil war for you." 

In fact, the Novinsky's statement proves the information that provocations have long been planned to the date of the tomos consideration - the burning of churches, the imitation of attacks by fake nationalist groups, terrorist attacks, bloody fights, perhaps even murders. That is, the "Orthodox tsar and the anointed of God" threatens Ukrainians with a new large-scale aggression using Orthodoxy as a pretext. Thanks to Novinsky, it's all so accessible to us, I explained in plain language.

One prisoner of the Majdanek concentration camp (the death camp of the Third Reich on the outskirts of Lublin, ed.), in answer to the question what she considers to be the main lesson of the war and the Holocaust, said: "If one says that he wants to kill you, believe him."

I believe Mr. Novinsky and I hope that so do the Ukrainian special services, Ukrainian politicians, the Ukrainian president, and all Ukrainians.

Without an exaggeration, the country's and its people future is at stake now. All the foreign agents and provocateurs must be driven out of the country, using all legal methods, otherwise they'll keep ou splitting up the nation.

The Crimean Tatars have an accurate saying on this occasion: "keep your ax sharp if your neighbor is a Russian."

by Aider Muzhdabaev, a journalist, source