Yesterday, the Russia founded separatist "Donetsk People's Republic" leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko was liquidated as a result of a bomb blast. The  explosive device triggered inside the Separ cafee, where the DNR top functionaries gathered for a memorial event to the Russian singer Yosyp Kobzon, an open supporter of agression against Ukraine. 

The explosive device was laid in a lightning device in the caffe hall. Later, the information appeared in media about the death of another top DNR figure - a "Finance Minister" Alexander Timofeev. He was seriously wounded in result of the explosion and died in local hospital few hours later.

Reference. Alexander Zakharchenko is a pro-Russian terrorist, the leader of the so-called "DNR". During the pro-Russian mutinies in the east of Ukraine, he directed the Donetsk branch of the Kharkiv's pro-Russian Fight Club "Oplot". April 16, 2014 he led a group of militants, who occupied the building of the Donetsk city administration. In May 2014, Zakharchenko was appointed a "military commandant" of the captured Donetsk. Subsequently, he was appointed to the post of "Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Donetsk People's Republic."

In August, Zakharchenko replaced Alexander Boroday at the post of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the "DNR." In November 2014, after illegitimate elections in the "DNR," the unrecognized CEC of the fake republic announced that Zakharchenko had won. Later, he participated in the meetings of the Tripartite Contact Group with the participation of representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE in Minsk.

According to the media, in 2010, Alexander Zakharchenko was examined at the Kharkiv Regional Center for Medical and Social Expertise. There he officialy got the II degree of disability on mental illness. The document of the medical center notes "stable irreversible mental disorders." He was prescribed treatment in the hospital of the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital №3. The certificate also notes that the actions of the patient Zakharchenko "are a threat to others." The years 2010-2013 were removed from the official biography of Zakharchenko.