Another attempt on a civic activist in Kyiv. Yesterday evening, a RGD-5 anti-personnel fragmentation grenade was thrown into a window of the apartment of Serhiy Mazur, a civic activist and coordinator of the C14 patriotic organisation, known by its activities against criminality and Russian networks in Ukraine.

The flat of Mazur family located on the second floor of a apartment building. The executor reached the second floor by a portable ladder and thrown the grenade inside through an opened window. Due to a net curtain the grenade didn't got deep into the room but fell behind a table, which a bit decresed the shockwave and shrapneel dispersion. 

Serhiy himself was't home at that time, but his father was seriously injures and lost a lot of blood, now he is in hospital. The C14 activists associate the explosion with the organisation's activities, in particular with the activists' involvement to the case of Yuriy Krisyn, a figurant of the Maidan murders investigation on the case of murder and tortures against journalists and leading groups of hired thugs. The C14 activists made a significant contribution to prevent Krysin to avoid his imprisonment. 

Serhiy noticed, that in recent time he and his parents had been receiving a series of strange phone calls. The activists also draw attention that the police group, that arrived to the place first incriminated the grenade explosion as a "hooliganism," and only later changed its decision into an "assassination attempt."

Currently, Serhiy's father health condition is normalized.

Recall, this is not the first attempt on a civic activist in Ukraine for this year. Previously a series of attacks on civic activists and journalists involved in anti-corruption and counter-criminal activities have been commited in Odesa. Another two resonable attempts took place in Kherson, where local public activist Katerina Handzyuk was doused with acid by an unknown atacker, and in Berdiansk, where local activist and the Donbass war veteran Vitaly "Sarmat" Oleshko was shot right near his house.