Russia has deployed the Iskander missile launchers near the border with Ukraine

Russian military command has deployed the Iskander missile launchers with range of 500 kilometers near the border with Ukraine. According to satellite images taken by Imagesat International on request from Fox News, rockets capable of carrying nuclear weapons are located approximately 430 kilometers from the Ukrainian border in the Krasnodar Kray.

On the photo we can see that the Russian missiles are located next to several bunkers and other warehouse hangars. Next to one launcher is a mobile system that quickly recharges, launching new missiles. One of the entrances to the bunker is open, and another recharging installation just goes outside. The radius of ballistic missiles "Iskander" is about 500 kilometers.

It should be noted that recently vice-admiral, commander of the Navy in 2014-2016 - Serhiy Haiduk, Russia has deployed nuclear weapons in Crimea.