On the Christmas Eve, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine gained an Autocephaly. Rejoice with us!

"... Our Great Holy Church of Christ blesses and proclaims the Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine," this is  proclaimed in the text of the tomos of autocephaly, which Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople signed yesterday.

Truly, an historic event took place yesterday in Istanbul - Ukrainian Orthodox Church regained its Autocephaly. The schism in Ukraine's Orthodoxy, the Moscow had been talking about for years is over. From now on, together with the Orthodox Christians of the whole world, we have to spread the word of God.

It should not be forgotten that the Ukrainian Church, first of all, is an Orthodox. This means that we, as Christians, must remember about the death of the bodily and the salvation of the soul. The Lord will not ask if you were glad of providing the autocephaly, but He will recall each case when you betrayed Him, giving way to a sin.

Not the autocephaly, but the Word of God should be in the first place. Compliance with this hierarchy will help us, believers of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine to follow the path of Salvation.

On this day, in the Christmas Eve, we rejoice and recall the Most Holy Patriarch Bartholomew I and whole the Ecumenical Patriarch in our grateful prays. Rejoice today with us!