This day we celebrate the birthday of Stepan Bandera. Indeed he was a great man. In the age of 23 (!) Bandera became a leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement and he was the one who directed the radical actions of the OUN fighters.

Stepan Bandera's brave and noble behavior at the trial of after arrest made him a national hero. It was then the nation recognized him as a leader.

Then Bandera performed probably the most difficult function - he has became a symbol of struggle, a battle flag. Neither Polish, nor German prison had broke him, he hadn't erred in migration.

Knight without fear or reproach, in almost every period of Ukrainian history we badly lacked of that sort of people. A clear sign of God is that his name literally means a flag in Romance languages. For us Stepan Bandera will remain a battle flag for ages!

Original by Dmytro KORCHINSKY