A remarkable event took place in the Spanish town of Majadahonda on January 14. Nationalists from Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Romania had gathered together to commemorate the heroes of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. Special attention was paid to two prominent figures - Ion Motza and Vasile Marin, Romanian legionaries who had been fighting on Franko's side,  preventing Spain to fall into dependency on Moscow as another "people's socialist republic."

As many other passionate young men from across Europe, they went to the burning Spain by the call of the heart. Worth noting, that there were Ukrainians, the UNR army veterans, who had fought side by side with Spanish patriots against the red "internationalists."

Motza and Marin have become one of symbols of that war and thankful Spaniards decided to immortalize the memory of them in a memorial, which was consecrated by Orthodox and Greek Catholic priests.

The Ukrainian delegates read out an appeal by Andriy Tarasenko, the head of the Right Sector political wing: "Memory of the glorious death of the Roman legionaries Ion Motza and Vasile Marin is a kind of a call to patriots, members of nationalist movements across Europe to stand shoulder to shoulder, to consider past mistakes and open the joint front of struggle.

The Spanish nationalists and their comrades from all over Western Europe should be aware that Ukrainian nationalists are their allies in the war against the globalists!

At the same time Ukraine is currently confront another anti-European chauvinist - Putinist Russia.

Certainly, Russia has been trying to gain sympathy among Western nationalists and conservatives in last years. But this is nothing more than manipulation. 

Back in the the XIX century Spanish philosopher Juan Donoso Cortes predicted that leftist ideas will gain extraordinary popularity in Russia. Although the Europeans had concidered Russia as a quite conservative country, Cortez was not mistaken. It was in Russia in 1917, when the communists won their first major victory. Something of the kind we observe in modern Russia. "Conservatism" of today's Russia it is nothing but a curtain behind which it tries to hide its rotten neo-communist essence.

At the same time East Europe has proven itself a bastion of true European spirit. The key point is that the Intermarium region countries are a threat not only to the globalists of Brussels, but to the Moscow ones too. Modern Russia pose a threat not only to Ukrainian nation, but also to Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.  

That's why it is essential for the nation-oriented forces of West Europe to leave their illusions and realize what the modern Russian really is and what kind of processes we are passing through in East Europe now." mr Tarasenko had explained in his address.

The meeting was finalized with solemn performance the anthem of Spanish Falange.

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