On April 26, 2017 a monument to the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was destroyed in the Polish village of Grushovitsa. Photos of the ruined monument was posted by the employee of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Pavlo Podobed on his facebook, the photos have also appeared on a number of Polish web recources.

Two years ago, unknown persons had tore off a sign from the monument, which served as a formal reason to consider the monument as an emergency one.

However, this monument has long been under the sights of particular local organisations, who claimed that the monument presence is illegal and insisted on its demolition. At the same time Ukrainian organizations in Poland have been claiming that it is a tombstone. 

After the attack of vandals the monument had continued to stood in the cemetery  near the Polish-Ukrainian border for several years, despite the attempts of several organisations to attract the press attention to themselves at the memorial's expense.  However, after the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of full-scale hybrid war against Ukraine Moscow has intensified its efforts at the area of Polish-Ukrainian relations by organizing a number of provocations on both sides. 

The materials on Alexandr Usovsky, provided to the InformNapalm Ukrainian media resource by the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance hacker group, proved that the Kremlin is behind the demolition of UPA memorial in Grushovitsy. It turns out, that previous act of vandalism regarding the memorial in August 2014 was just one of the episodes of Moscow's provocations in Poland, for which the Kremlin allocated about 100 thousand euros.

- Remind me, where the memorial to "UPA heroes," you violated in 2014, is located? 
- in Grushovitsy. Not so far from Peremyshl, on "Zakerzonia" according to junta. 
- yes, I remember 
- Wojtek, this isn't funny anymore. People in Moscow are waiting for the reports from Grushovitsy and Budapest. Further financing of our project depends on it. Presence of these videos on youtube is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Considering Usovsky's hacked correspondence we can see that at the beginning of  he was planning a meeting with his Polish "partners" to discuss new anti-Ukrainian provocations. In order to disrupt the further provocations, the activists of UCA and volunteers of the InformNapalm international intelligence community have preventively published the correspondence, including the discussions plans of actions at the memorial in Grushovitsy. The information caused broad informational resonance in both Ukrainian and Polish press, which forced Moscow to cancel or, at least, to defer its plans in Eastern Poland. 

Worth noting, that the provocations in Poland were planned by people from the environment of Vladislav Surkov, the aide to the President of the Russian Federation, and Konstantin Zatulin, the head of the Institute of CIS countries, generously funded by Gazprom. 

After the exposure of Usovsky activities, Moscow hasn't abandoned its plans on  to incite discord between Ukraine and Poland. Provocations continue in both Ukrainian and Polish territories. Not long ago, unknown fired the Consulate General of Poland in Lutsk. And now, the Ukrainian monument in Gruszowice is destroyed.

Judging by the statements of the Polish organisation members, that have been requested by the ABW (Polish security service) employees to abstain from holding that sort of actions. But apparently the Kremlin's order was more important than recommendations of national security forces (or, perhaps, the monument demolition had already been paid and there was no way back?).

It seems strange, that some forces in Poland, declaring themselves patriots, play into the Kremlin hands. However, Usovsky's correspondence proves that everything has its price. History proved that Poland has always been into the sphere of interests of Russia's/USSR's colonial interests. Jozef Pilsudski once noted that "There is no free Poland without free Ukraine." Obviously, this prudent advice must be recalled to Polish supporters of situational friendship with Moscow, who are now gladly selling own future for the money of Gazprom. The fact is that both Russian and Western globalists are afraid of Intermarium, both they do their best to destroy the project in a cradle. Only by joint efforts of the Polish and Ukrainian societies, consolidated and wise position of diplomats, journalists, activists and patriots, we can oppose the Russian hybrid war, it has launched in the region.

original by InformNapalm