39 year old Denis Šeler was borned, raised and lives in Zagreb. He is the patriot of Croatia, member of Croatian independence war. Football fan, a fan of "Dinamo" Zagreb. Now Dennis is active supporter of Ukraine - distributes true information on Muscovite-Ukrainian war and gathers volunteer help. We spoke with Mr. Scheler on the actual state of affairs in Croatia, Ukraine and Europe.

 - Many Ukrainians living illusions about the EU now. Tell me, please, which meant EU membership for Croatia?

 - First of all I would say that EU membership is dangerous for Ukraine. EU - is imperialistic union. Croatia lost full sovereignty, and we nearly turned into slaves after the joining EU. They tried to buy us by promises of wealth. In turn they stole the heart and the soul of our nation.

 - How many Croats against the EU now?

 - Yes, quite a lot.

 - How many percent (approximately)?

 - 70 percents, I think. 

 - So why did the majority voted for joining in referendum?

 - It was the fraud, I am 100% sure. Joining the EU has been very beneficial for Croatian oligarchs, and it happened. Before, I was proud that I am Croatian, but not now. I had 1000-1200 euros per month before the EU joining, now just 300-500 euros.

 - Does Croatian Church was committing some resistance to the EU accession process?

 - Criticized it, but active resistance was not committed.

 - But the Church must to know about EU`s anti-Christian ideology!

 - Yes, but ... I think that the state bought the Church's leadership. All this leadership depends from the state now. In addition, we must consider relations between the EU and the Vatican.

 - How would you characterize the current Croatian authorities?

Denis Šeler (pictured left)
 - We have an anti-Croatian authorities now. Bandits, former communists, many Serbs. They all kiss the EU`s ass and ridicule with Patriots. Provides Sexual perversion policy. Revolution, our own Maidan is that we need to.

 - "Internal-occupation regime" thats how we call such government in Ukraine.

 - Yes, a wonderful definition!

 - Do you have any forces, who can raise revolution in Croatia?

 - Croats - wonderful people. We are slow to anger. But then ... then blood will be shed, I'm afraid.

 - What do you mean?

 - If revolution will come to Croatia, it will be armed revolution. Patriots against the EU and homegrown Communists. There will be a lot of blood. Croatian military`s patience will be over soon. Nationalists too.

 - You have said that you have many Serbs in government. Why?

 - Game rules are imposed by EU. It is so beneficial for EU to foreigners ruled us. I have one rhetorical question: why the EU did not make an effort to help Ukraine destroy terrorists? After all, the EU can do that. Can, but do not want. EU doesn't need Ukraine. He needs Ukrainian resources, geographical position, cheap labor and army of customers. EU policy is definitely colonial.

 - Can you, Croats and Serbs reconciled to confront the new world order together?

 - No, i think. First, we have a lot of conflicts in the past. Second, Serbs support Russia. Third, they do not want to give up the idea of a Greater Serbia.

 - Is there no normal Serbs who admitted past mistakes and abandoned the imperial ideas?

 - They are, but very few of them.

 - What do you think about modern Russia?

 - Ha! I don`t think about that. They (Serbs) always think about Russia. They think that Russia would save them. New tsarist Russia. I think their expectations will not come true, Russia will disintegrate soon.

 - God grant! And what do you think about Putin? He is neo-Bolshevik or pragmatic politician?

 - Putin? Egoist. Stalinists. KHBist. But not a fool.

 - Why do you started to support Ukraine?

 - There are several reasons. First, I saw the strength in Ukraine, strength to be liberated from Russia, the EU and the US. Second, the history, the Croats come from Ukraine. Third, 25 November 1991 - Ukraine recognized the independence of Croatia. Vatican and Germany was recognized our independence later. I dare say that it is not just the struggle for Ukrainian independence now. It is the struggle for European freedom going in Ukraine, freedom for ancient nations, freedom of the world as it should be. Struggle for the white European race, its culture and history.

 - Unfortunately, not all Ukrainians understand it. Many of Ukrainians consider, that Russia is the only Ukrainian enemy.

 - I hope that they will understand. Ukraine is the last bastion of the Christian Rightist Europe. We expect a lot from Ukraine. Many of Croats belief in Ukraine.

Thank you for the interview! Za dom spremni!