Artificial intelligence defeats world's best chess players, it gradually comes out of control and creates his own language in the system of Facebook bots. In general, the "iron mind" remains one of the top topicks on the agenda of the the planet's advanced thinkers. Most of them share the same opinion, concidering it as a challenge and a threat. People from Hawking's and Musk's environment have even provided financing for an initiative to control the development of artificial intelligence. Some of them have numerously called it a greatest threat -

Two centuries have passed since last rebellion against a machine. In 1812, a death penalty was renewed in Britain for the destruction of maschines. Then the workers had destroyed mechanical equipment at local factories, commissioning of which left them unemployed. What can we see walking today on the streets of Ukrainian cities? People are bounded to their devices - smartphones and tablets, etc. What can we see walking today on the streets of Ukrainian cities? People are bounded to their devices - smartphones and tablets, etc. Electronics has become an integral part of everyday life of our civilisation; a young man's smartphone actually knows more about him, than the one's parents. The virtual identity of many individuals often does not complement, but dominates over a living person. Is more than real.

Control over business, dating, exchanging experiences from rest, political events -  all this is digitized and going rather on the other side of reality. Quite recently, "real life communication" was important for people, who belonged to criminal world and all sorts of chevaliers of fortune, for whom a conversation privacy was essential. Quite recently, "real life communication" was important for people of criminal world and all sorts of chevaliers of fortune, since it provides privacy. But even here the "big players" have moved to completely anonymous electronic world. SilkWay Criminal Exchanges, anonymous currency exchanges in bitcoins, hackers who can affect the work of everything - starting from power plants, corporations, exchanges, banks and ending with whole countries - while sitting either in a dark closet or in sunny Greece. All they warry about is to preserve own anonymity and virtuality.

And how the planet's life will change when armed drones will appear in the sky? That's the question. 

Although already now the "virtual reality designer" is called one of the most perspective and needed professions of the future. It is about the idea of replacing the difficult reality for poor groups of people by virtual happiness sessions. Safe, controlled route to the world of joy. No need for biological introduction of harmful drugs. But with significantly higher level of control over consummer by the service provider. 

Relationships between races, nations and languages will continue to be significant factors on the planet for a long time. But other issues will gradually come on teh front of agenda.

What about the rights of machines? (I actually wonder why leftists have not yet wrote it on their banners - ed.)

How to make decisions in the government of the future, where the cybernetic mind without hesitation will solve problems beside living ministers? What will be the fate of "superfluous" people in the terms of absence of useful resources and galloping replacement of workers by cheap and effective machines? Ethics of cloning? The political system in terms of the possibility of biological immortality? The questions remain unsolved.

New civilization knocks at the door. 

What's worth to pay attention for is that neither German Chancellor Merkel, nor French President Macron, nor British Prime Minister Teresa May, nor the President of the European Commission have childern. This is an incomplete list of the representatives of contemporal European elites, who do not have personal plans for the continuation of the human race. And I am convinced that this is not an individual choice or a coincidence. It has nothing to do with "they are going to replace us by muslims." Obviously, we are on the verge of a completely new era, which already explicitly dictates fundamental laws.

original by Yevgen KARAS, C14