Since the beginning of August, Russia has been carrying out large-scale redeployment of heavy military equipment towards the West border from the shores of the Baltic Sea in the Leningrad reagion to the occupied Crimea and the Krasnodar region.

This was reported by the InformNapalm, referring to the intelligence data. Train columns of armored vehicles have been seen near St. Petersburg, in the Voronezh, Rostov, Krasnodar regions as well as in the territory of the occupied Crimean peninsula. Trains with heavy military equipment were also noticed in distant areas of the border - Moscow, Saratov, Volgograd, and Kostroma.

There is an assumption that Russia is planning to use the upcoming Zapad-2017 military exercises - that is scheduled for this year's fall in Belarus - can be used by Moscow as a pretext for sifnifican increasence of Russian militari contingent on Belarussian territory and even be a part for the plan for starting a new front in Ukraine or some other country.

Here some of photo and video proofs, made by locals:

a train column of military vehicles at Liski railway station, Voronezh region, Russia.
Neklinovka railway station, Pokrovskoye village, Neklinovsky district, Rostov region. 45 kilometers from Ukrainian border

the photo was made in the same location

Nerekhta railway station, Kostroma region
Sergiev Posad, Moscow region

Sergiev Posad, Moscow region

a railway convoy of Russian military vehicles at Krasnodar 1 railway station, Krasnodar region:

a railway convoy of Russian military vehicles at Zimovniky village, Ristov region:

a railway column of military vehicles moving through a railway station in Samara city:

transportation of military vechiles in St. Peterburg:

a train column of military vehicles moving through the dam of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station, Volgograd region: 

An opinion is dwelling among Ukrainian military analysts that the attention must be paid not only to the Zapad-2017 - which, as was noted above, will be held in Belarus - but also to the Boyevoe Bratstvo-2017 military exricieses, which will be held in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Russia shortly after Belarussian ones. The media has been paid lot of attention to the Zapad-17, while they've almost ignored (deliberatelly or not) the issue of the second military exercises. However, there is an opinion, that the main details of possible offensive to Baltic states, Poland and opening of a new front in Ukraine will be practiced exactly during the Boyevoe Bratstvo-17.  

Source InformNapalm