Julian Assange - the WikiLeaks site founder - has refused to refused to disclose all the available information about Russia's invasion to Ukraine. It's about tens of gigabytes of data. This was reported by the Foreign Policy newspaper.

According to the publication, in 2014, the BBC and other information centers reported data that had details of the activities of Russian military and intelligence services in Ukraine. At the same time, the Wikileaks has twice as much data, but Assange has refused to publish it. 

"We had several leaks sent to Wikileaks, including the Russian hack. It would have exposed Russian activities and shown WikiLeaks was not controlled by Russian security services - the source who provided the messages wrote to FP - Many Wikileaks staff and volunteers or their families suffered at the hands of Russian corruption and cruelty, we were sure Wikileaks would release it. Assange gave excuse after excuse.” 

As noted, in general, WikiLeaks has refused to publish at least 68 gigabytes of data, received from sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Subsequently, all this information had been published on a number of other the Internet resources, but remained almost unnoticed by the general public.

The newspaper noticed that Assange's ties with Russia has become relevant since 2016, when the Daily Dot reported that WikiLeaks had not disclosed documents that indicate the allocation of funds from the state bank of the Russian Federation to Assad's government in a amount of 2 billion euro in 2012.

It is noted that it was then that the website published documents of the US Democratic Party, related to the election race. Recall that the WikiLeaks has published 30,322 emails and attached documents sent to them from the personal server of the US presidential candidate.