female activists from the counter cultur-marxist action in Kyiv 
and here are charming participants of action against extreme feminism manifestation in the center of Lviv

Working off the investments of foreign cultural marxistgrant funds, activists of Ukraine's extreme-liberal, LGBT organisations had plotted to held a series of events in Ukrainian cities on March 8. As was expected, under the pretext of the Women's Day, the leftist marginals arranged another promotion action for extreme feminism and LGBT, which had clear anti-patriotic features and even mocked the national coat of arms. In parallel, the female activists of patriotic organisations arranged a counter action to the cultural-marxist provocation. Holding posters with messages  "feminism is hate/women must back to the tradition/more children-more happiness/feminism supress women/off feminism" they came to the Mikhailivska squere of Kyiv right against the cultur-marxist gathering, accompanied by theyr comrades from patriotic environment, since the supporters of extreme-left ideologies are prone to manifestation of aggression to the opponents. In Lviv, local young female traditionalist-minded patriots had made analogical counter-action. Few conflicts did took place on that day. In final result, the nationalists had accelerated the end of the actions of fighters with mythological "sexism manifestations and female discrimination in Ukraine." 

Among the organisaers of the the so-called "women's rights rallies" were lesbians, ultra-left groups and members of the Insight LGBT organisation, funded by foreign grants. Thus all these provocations have nothing to do with women rallies at all. 

a banner head banner from Kyiv's action by extreme-left

Ukrainian women on that day  were walking past the leftist rally, being accompanied by their boyfriends, husbands or families.

After all, women would prefer to be loved and protected instead of guarantees of the right to abortion or fight against "homophobia, transphobia."

Thus, girls decided to come against the extremists' campaign with a message that feminism is a politicization of hatred on the basis of cultural marxism.

Their message is based, first of all, on Ukrainian culture, where mutual respect between men and women, family values, and respect for Christianity are basic. In Ukrainian culture, family coziness and harmony are an ideal that is realized through understanding and practical implementation of our family values.

Domestic violence is a problem of the consequences of combating Ukrainian culture, the war against basic Christian values, as well as the personal problem of those people who, in difficult cultural and economic circumstances, have degraded and ruined their families with scandals and violence.

The task of nationalism is to learn new hostile challenges for Ukraine from the side of extreme liberalism and its left-wing allies.

The Ukrainian nationalist movement still knows little about it. Many of these new challenges are badly understanded by the society and therefore ignored.

Extreme feminism, as a project of the Western cultural marxism, is a stage in the strategy of establishing a pro-Western colonial project based on oligarchy power. Everything in order to split the society and reduce its unanimity in overcoming the external dependence and consequences of the Bolshevik occupation and propaganda of liberalism. Nationalism will analyze in detail this ethnophobic environment of extremists.

After all, they want to monopolize the issue of women's movement. In the history of our nation, the women's active movement had been formed within a patriotic environment, it has always been an intergal part of nation-liberation struggle and therefore advocated the revival of Ukrainian culture. And not for desacration of the Tryzub and the Cross on it banner...

Neither Lesya Ukrainka (Olena Pchilka), nor Olena Teliha, nor Olga Basarab came to a communist rally because of own active social position, but became key persons in Ukraine's liberation movement of different periods.

The source of financial revenues to these organizations must be a subject of an SBU investigations. At the same time the oligarchic elites of contemporal Ukraine aren't interested in blocking of extreme-left organisations' activities, since liberalism is an ideology to protect their property. Therefore, they will not allow the SBU to comply with the law and destroy the network of political lobbyists of extreme-feminist insanity.

Again it turns out that instead of supporting the family, building a just economy, reforms, etc., the authorities silently promote the enemies of Ukrainian culture. Therefore, it turns out that only the Ukrainian national movement can protect Ukraine from this Ukrainephobic phenomenons, so as sovereignty and fair economy system.

Ukrainian girls and women should be more active in protecting Ukraine, themselves and their families from aggression, cultural marxist propaganda and "political initiatives" of those professional loafers, who initiate oturageous rallies, instead of work for the good of own country and people.