As was reported earlier, on March 8, a series of conflicts took place in Ukrainian cities between supporters of traditional society's values and members of extreme-left groups, who under the guise of "rally for women rights" arranged another cultural-marxism/LGBT promotion action. In Kyiv, female activists of patriotic organisations initiated a paralel action in support of traditional, counter extreme-feminist action, aimed to explain that the problem of women rights violation in Ukraine is being artificially hyped. At the same time, those extreme-lberal organisations, who have been speculating on this issue, are often promote rather antisocial initiatives, that are undermining the very institution of a family and motherhood instead of help to resolve such actual socialproblems as domestic violance, etc. Not to mention that, being sure in own total impunity, the members of extreme-left groups systematically vilify national, Christian symbols and hurt the feelings of ordinary Ukrainians on their actions.

Here is a number of considered opinions regarding the 8th March events, shortly outlined by Anna Sorochinska - a member of the pro-traditionalist action - after all the fuss around has came down:

- we are against feminism, because it destroys natural harmony, breeds ill-will and hatred between sexes. We don't need hatred for men just as we don't need movements like the "Men's State."

- while being in the male circle of activists we haven't faced a single manifestation of discrimination. Our relationships with friends and ideologicalcomrades are based on trust and respect. They are constantly ready to stand up for us, and in our turn, we will always ready to support them in their actions.

- we are disgusted with an anti-state, anti-national and pacifist rhetoric of the left-wing creatures of an undetermined gender. Such  manifestations are inappropriate in a belligerent country.

- we aren't victims. We are used to achieve success on our own; we aren't appeal to "violations of our rights" after every fail, as well as we don't blame "patriarchal society" in this.

- we remember well about the communist background of the 8th March feast, so this day for us is mostly associated with the Freikorpses, not with Rosa Luxemburg.

- we have no need in all-sort of extreme-feminist organisations - sponsored by foreign cultural-marxist grant foundations - to feel free, strong and worthy of respect.

- we do not ignore or reject the problem of violence against women. Marginals and criminal elements must be responsible for their actions, but extreme liberalism will not solve the problem.

Today, we are greeting all Ukrainian women and call them not to be subjected to the agitations of extreme-left agitation, but to preserve their beauty, to love their boyfriends and husbands, and to join the struggle for the nation.