Representatives of the so-called "LGBT community of Ukraine" gathered this morning in the center of Kyiv, attempting to hold the "Kyiv-pride" parade. Few hundred policemen were accumulated the city center in order to protect a bunch of participants of the deviant show, funded by foreign liberal grands. Their demands are shared neither by soldiers-defenders of Ukraine, nor by field doctors, nor volunteers, nor by those families, members of whom have bravely sacrificed themselves for peaceful sky over the country. 

For many years, local rainbow-colored liberals have used a horror story about the nationalists as a pretext to ask bigger financial support from their foreign cultural-marxist sponsors.  We're passing through the fourth year of war now, and the fact is that dozen thousands members of the nationalist community have taken up arms for this time. Which cannot be said about the LGBT community.  Clearly, that such "parades" are insulting those who are living in constant readiness for the enemy's offensive or mortar shelling. What is the purpose of the gay parade? What do they demonstrate by their actions? All their actions cause is aggression and irritation in Ukrainian society, which has faced serious challenges in last years.

Of course, we are, the Ukrainian nationalists, despise this rainbow colored action, which make a picture for the Kremlin's media.

Unfortunately, trying to please Brussels' liberals current Ukraine's elites have been fussing around local LGBT like a mother-hen. Time after time we can came across a pro-LGBT plot at one or another liberal media resource, or an article that touches upon the issue of providing special rights for these "minorities" in our country. The prime minister promised to implement a state program on the LGBT rights legislation by 2020. In parallel, materials from such "gay-pride" actions are often come in handy for the Kremlin's propaganda in its tactics of substitution of concepts.

Of course, someone can turn a blind eye on such disgrace in the very heart of Ukraine, but not the nationalists.  On the eve of the so-called "Kyiv-pride," nationalists and activists of the Christian initiative "Love Against Homosexuality" gathered in the Shevchenko park to declare their disagreement with the "LGBT community" plans. The activists had also agitated for traditional family values. 

In the morning of June 18, about 70 activists have came up to block the movement of a small LGBT bunch, protected by police. By their actions nationalists didn't let the deviant rainbow-colored crowd to defile cultural objects of Kyiv by its presence, in particular the Shevchenko Park. There were three clashes between the activists and police. A large number of LGBT symbols and propagandist materials was eliminated. During the clashes 6 activists were detained, among them Olexander "Drakon" Popov, the war veteran, a battalion commander of the Right Sector Volunteer Corps. During the clashes 6 activists were detained, among them Olexander "Drakon" Popov, the war veteran, a battalion commander of the Right Sector Volunteer Corps. Fortunately, all the detainee were released after several hours. 

Summing up, we would like to congratulate the Ukrainian right forces with another tactical win in struggle against the cultural marxism zealots.