"Ukrops cut their throats and stabbed them with knives." Russian Army, who "are not there" according to Putin, suffered new losses in Ukraine. 

The Russian intelligence group elimination near the vilage of Prishib through the enemy's eyes: Russian Army Captain Scherbak and his partner were found with their throats cut, a soldier of the 22nd brigade of the Special Forces of the Russian Armed Forces Viktor Ageyev has been taken prisoner.

And here are the details. Initially, I learned about this knife operation from a battalion commander from of the 93rd Brigade, who is on the frontline. Thus, my information has quite reliable sources. The enemy's reports have confirmed the veracity of information. The operation on elimination of the enemy's group, staffed with Russian military personnel, as quiet as possible, Ukrainian soldiers of the 20th motorized infantry battalion were using knives. The quiet attack allowed our forces to seize four captives.  However, I don't understand what Russian propaganda is concerned about - usage of knives isallowed by the Minsk agreements, and the Russian leadership claims that  there are no Russian military personeel in Ukraine. So why bother? 

Noticeable, that it is the Russian special forces representatives, who were eliminated without a single shot, not some inexperienced mercenaries. Judging from posts on a Russian thematic forum, the attack was commited around 10 am. 

I'd like to draw attention to attempts of the Russian command to hide information about losses in general. Thus, in his report for June 24 the "official press officer"  of the so-called "2nd army corps of the LNR," stated that "there were no losses."

It would be unthinkable to hear such lies from Ukrainian Army spokesman. It will be disclossured immediately by colleagues of a KIA one. However, it works well enough in the so-called "LNR and DNR," sice families and relatives of killed Russian soldiers often have no information about the events on Donbass, so it is easy for Russian military command to hide facts of personeel looses in Ukraine. In addition, Russian security services have been doing their best to settle the matter with the killed soldiers' families and force them to keep quiet.

However, this time they were forced to admit personnel losses, due to the captured Russian military. Now, the "LNR military spokesman" tells fables that it was a logistics unit that has been "slaughered by Ukrainian punishers." On this occasion, a natural question arises - since when supply units are armed with heawy machine guns and sniper rifles?

Seems someone has messed up enough...

original by Yury BUTUSOV