On February 20, 2014, the revolutionary events in the center of Kyiv reached their bloody climax. The then president, Yanukovych, in the agony of his reign, gave an order to shoot the protesters. However, understanding that the whole nation's fate is behind their back, the patriots stood up against the regime's dogs and their master who was ready to throw whole the country under the feet of his Moscow's masters. The bloody clashes had taken the lives of many worthy men. In our history they will remain the Heavenly Hundred.

Today, once again we call to remember the incredible feat of these people. Remember it not only once a year by a post in social networks, but always keep it in mind like an example of true self-sacrifice in the name of a regather ideal. We call to commemorate the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred by our own actions, civic dignity and irreconcilability with injustice, which, unfortunately, has only risen for 4 years after these tragic events.

Four years ago no one couldn't even imagine that the country will be rulled by a co-founder of the Yanukovych's Partija Regioniv, while Yanukovych's representatives are calmly integrating back into power cabinets. That police permissiveness and incompetence will only intensify; that the largest port city of Ukraine will be runned by a separatist and corruptor against whom Ukrainian justice has no power. That our government will do anything to freeze the war instead of making every effort to defeat the invader. Not a single Berkut employee, involved in killings of protesters and civic activists has been punished yet, but almost every month the activists are gathering at courts preventing the system's attempt to throw another patriot in jail. No one could imagine then that instead of building a new, strong Ukrainian state, we will have to deal with the total revenge of the old system.

In the fourth year of the Maidan 'victory,' our state balances on the verge of an oligarchic dictatorship, on top of which we see people from just same cohort; people, who conciser Ukraine as a source for own enrichment. These are the very same parasites that have made Ukraine the most corrupt state in Europe. In the law enforcement system we still can come across people, who had been involved in Yanucovich's regime punitive system - the ones, who had kidnapped, tortured and rigged criminal cases against patriots during and before the Maidan. We have no moral right to leave all these things to historians. The nationalists mission is to finish the national revolution, to build the Ukrainian Independent Unified State in the name of our children's future and for the sake of those who have died for our ideals and the national justice.

Remember the heroes of Maidan! Get victory over the regime of internal occupation!

the Pravyi Sector