The events of 2013-2014 years have caused a number of positive changes in the public consciousness of Ukrainians. Growth of anti-communist sentiments is one of them. We can see it in mass destruction of Lenin monuments, requirements of ban the Communist Party, the Communist Party of Ukraine failure in the parliament elections and so on.

Thus a clear attitude towards the "communist past" (more accurately - the period Muscovite-Bolshevik occupation of Ukraine) and modern red servants of the Kremlin have been formed in society. However, this in no way be limited, because the Communist Party - is not the only enemy left wing. However, communists is not the only enemy of Ukraine "on the left flank". All of leftist are enemies of the national state regardless of title (communists, socialists, anarchists, leftist liberals or "new left"), idols (Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Marcuse) or their external orientation (to Russia or the West). There is no "good" leftists.

Leftist anti-Christian action in Kiev
We had wrote about so called "Stalinist" pro-Russian or pro-Putin leftists who are so typical for post-Soviet area, but today we would like to draw your attention to so called "new left".

First of all, this leftists are successors of "traditional" left-socialist struggle against traditional human morality, especially gender (sexual). If all kind of leftist-socialist organisations of the past have advocated so called "free love", their main target on today is defending and advocating of homosexualism and all kind of perverts. In addition, they are profess feminist ideas same as their predecessors from XX century.

One of the main "new leftists" enemies is "fascism". They have some strange understanding of this concept. Members of neo-leftists organisations are so similar to pro-Putin's "Vatniks" in their worldview. They are using the term of "fascism" towards a nationalist-patriotic feelings, allegiance to religious moral principles and traditional family values. It would seem, "antifaschist" rhetoric should not be a cause for concern against a background of total national-patriotic sentiments in Ukrainian society. But we should take the fact, that leftist activists are mastering the academic institutions of Ukraine for several years (of course supported by the Western friends). Popularizing the pseudo scientific works and theories among the Ukrainian youth with help of all kind of grants and Western financial support they are trying to jeopardize the foundations of national morale, traditional views on gender, human sexuality and a family institution.

Also worth noting the "multiculturalism" propaganda company, initiated by so called "new left". Leftists of "post-Marxist" type are responsible for the process of "silent genocide" of indigenous white population of Europe been started. Once in power, "cultural Marxists" have established the extremist regime of "tolerance" directed to turn of indigenous folks of Europe into a second-class people who have no right to defend their own culture and a country from migrants and should always apologize for "crimes of the white race". Ukrainian leftists seek of the same. Ukrainian leftists seek of the same. They are required us to apologize for our patriots defend the Fatherland and call us to dialogue with terrorists.

Gay community rally to in US to support of
Kremlin's puppet republics of Donbass
Moreover, leftists always try to create empty social pedagogies but at the same time they are obedient mercenaries of big business. In Ukraine this applies not only to "new left" but also to pro-Russian communists. Let`s look at the Communist party of Ukraine, abandoning the old discredited theory of the victory of the socialist revolution they have been reliable element of the criminal oligarchic system, forming its extreme pro-Russia side. "New left" have also forgot their predecessors ideas and worrying not about the problems of "proletariat" but a "persecuted groups" - the aforementioned migrants, perverts etc. However, sometimes they are really try to talk about social justice or of workers rights but it is nothing more than demagoguery. Oligarchs is always benefit and easier to control a biomass, set of consumers. taxpayers and workers than a society, united by a national solidarity, sense of dignity and moral principles. Such biomass are easier to control, they cannot resist because they cannot understand their slave status. We can argue that so called "new left" movement is the vanguard unit of transnational corporations in the case of such biomass creation.

We emphasize the role of Ukrainian right, conservative-nationalist movements in struggle against of globalism. Nationalism is the only anti-oligarchic, anti-capitalist force who advocating the harmonious social order, fight globalisation and aim to remove the current anti-national "political elite" in Ukraine in a revolutionary way.

Finally, the "new leftist" criminal nature is clearly visible now in a wartime. At a time, when the society should unite around the idea of defending the Motherland, they are advocating pacifism, social dialogues (with terrorists and invaders), using a slogans like "peace for peoples, war for countries!" or call to abandon the concept of "nations" and so on.

Ukrainians suffered from communism probably more than any other nation during the XX century. First communist plague leaded us defeat of national-liberation struggle and total occupation of Ukraine by the Soviet invader. Later Ukrainians have felt all the "advantages" of socialism in Lenin's and Stalin's interpretations. Leftist ideas have pushed our nation to the era of genocide, repressions, artificial famines (Holodomor), aunti-Ukrainian policy, aimed to destruction of language, history, culture and traditions. Remembering the experience of the past, todays Ukrainian patriots should fight against any form of red plague no matter in which modifications it exists.