Russian Sberbank retreats from Ukraine. Chairman of Russian bank German Gref told journalists today that the financial institution is currently on the lookout for ways out of the Ukrainian market. Currently unclear whether Ukrainian branch of the Sberbank be sold or liquidated.

According to Gref, such step has been triggered by "a completely lawless actions now taking place in a number of Ukrainian cities, ranging from Kyiv, with the full connivance from the law enforcement." Obviously, the Russian banker was talking about the all-Ukrainian action of blockade of the Russian banks, that has been launched in Kyiv by the National Corps activists and spread throughout Ukraine. 

The actions of blockade of the Russian banks, aimed to block the activity of foreign capital in the state economy area, took place almost in every region of the country. In addition to activists of nationalist movements, big number of ordinary indifferent Ukrainians have taken part in the all-Ukrainian action. Some regional offices of the Russian bank are blocked for several weeks. 

The activists promise, that the Sberbank blockade is just the beginning.

Recall, according to the decision of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the National Bank imposed sanctions against the local subsidiaries of Russian state banks. 

Recall, according to the decision of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the National Bank has imposed sanctions against the local subsidiaries of Russian state banks. The sanctions, that came into force since March 23, prohibit to perform any financial transactions of the banks in favor of related entities, including parent institutions. However, there is another noticeable point - actives of Ukrainian Sberbank branch has been bought by Lithuanian Norvik Banka. The bank's board included three citizens of Russia, one Lavian with Russian origin and one British - former functionary of Russian Viatka Bank. Whether this is an attempt to withdrawal of assets of Russian oligarchs from Ukraine or is it another Kremlin's trick? Time will show.

in addition to the blockade of Russian financial institutions, the C14 movement activists have expanded the action's frameworks, drawing society's attention on numerous Russian businesses, that have been working in Ukraine for years. 

"Russian secret services commit murder and terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine. Sabotage attacks on Ukraine's ammunition depots and energy system facilities have become regular. 

In 2017, the civic trade blockade of the occupied parts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions has forced authorities to work actively at this area. After long struggle in the rear the activists have managed to drive the Sberbank of Russia out from Ukraine. Few other banks with the invader's capital are also going to leave Ukraine. Previously, Russian gas monopolist Lukoil was forced to retreat from Ukrainian market due to the pressure by public activists. The names of major Russian banks and companies are well known to an ordinary citizen of Ukraine. However, there are many other commercial structures in Ukraine, running by Russian oligarchs.

For example, the network of sport shops Sportmaster is running all over Ukraine. It is owned by Nikolai Fortushniak. The Sportmaster network had officialy sponsored a number of events, arranged by terrorists in the occupied Luhansk. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian make purchases in the Gloria Jeans, Oodji, O'stin and Sarlo pazolini shop networks, which are also owned by Russian citizens. 

The Coffee House and Shokoladnitsa - two scandalous coffee house networks. Both they have imposed ban on using Ukrainian language among the staff. 

Almost all Ukraine's cigarette market is controlled by of the Megapolis structure, that is belong to Igor Kesaev, a Russian criminal oligarch. In Russia Kasaev owns a weapon factory and is a funder of the SFB veterans association. Comments are unnecessary...

Besides small chain stores there are some huge marketplaces across the country, that have been funding Russian invasion to Ukraine for these years. The most known of them is the Ocean Plaza shopping mall is a property of Putin's bussiness firends. Names of Rotenberg brothers have been included into a sanction list imposed by the West against Russia because of the annexation o Crimea. But this unpleasant fact does not prevent these individuals to do a large-scale business in Ukraine.

Besides that, since 2014 Rotenberg brothers have become owners of  "Red Square" broadcaster, which produces media content for Russian TV channels including the notorious military channel "Zvezda."  

Another odious person - Hillar Teder (an Estonian-Russian businessman, who advocate the Russification of Estonia) is an owner of another big Kyiv's shopping mall entitled Raion. 

It goes without saing, that the work of the above mentioned objects in Ukraine brings everyday threat to the national security. Clearly, that this is a question of political will and complex legal mechanisms. But Ukrainians have done significant progress in ending trade with the separatists. We have managed to keep the front. Now you have to mop up the rear.

by C14