For last three years Ukrainians have been hearing assurances that Russia will be punished for the invasion by means of international tribunals due to international agreements. Often, touching upon this issue our politicians were talking about the Hague tribunal. And now, after three years of war and, we see that consideration of the claim by Ukraine against Russia in the International Court of Justice has already been started. Everything seems would be fine if not the context of the claim, which combining with the statement of the delegate of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, has become a total disappointment. 

First and foremost, the very question of the occupation of part of Donbass and the Crimean peninsula by Russia, as a subject of the conflict, hasn't been raised at all. During the hearing the representative of Ukrainian FM Olena Zerkal accused Russia in "aiding and sponsoring of terrorism in Donbass" and "racial discrimination" of Tatars in the occupied Crimea.

There weren't sounded demands to recognize Russia as a single subject of the war in Donbass, to demand de-occupation of Crimea and Donbass, to demand Moscow to pay reparations and return of our cultural attractions and industrial facilities, that have been stolen and taken to Russia. Instead, Ukrainian side made a demand from Russia immediate cease to provide financial and any other support to groups, that have resorted to acts of terrorism against civilians in Ukraine. It goes without saying that such a compromise position, the higher echelons of Ukraine have demonstrated, threatens the sovereignty of the state.

Strategy of non-declaration of Russia as an occupier and preservation of diplomatic relations with the state-aggressor was a failed at the very beginning. Clearly, that further following this line will certainly lead us to a dead end.