In late 2016 Mart Helme the leader of the Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond, EKRE was summing up of last year in the studio of Postimees urged stop listen “Estonian propaganda” and close the entry for refugees not from Asia and Africa, but also from the former USSR. He called finally to engage in direct talks with Putin's Russia to establish peaceful and neighborly relations mutually beneficial.

For Ukraine, this expression of the Estonian politician is interesting, because Mart Helme believes in the threat of Russification of Estonia by Russian-speaking population mass migration from post-USSR countries non EU members (Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova). It is because of these strange and unfounded fears opposed the abolition of visas for Ukraine and its further integration.

The idea of the moderate right Estonian politician Mart Helme, besides deputy of Riigikogu, miraculously passed by Ukrainian news, because it would be strange to hear that friendly to Ukraine Baltic state Estonia, as a member of parliament, opposes the longed-for visa-free. In turn, the leader of EKRE insists that immigration from the former USSR in the Baltic countries are still high. If the times of the Soviet Estonia was getting almost 10 thousand people per year, but now only 7-8 thousand people per year!? The changes are great, both for the small Baltic country... 

“Given that many Estonians are not only going to work to Finland, but also migrate to more affluent European countries, the fragile demographic balance clearly in favor of the indigenous people of Estonia, and it kept getting worse. Our government should reconsider its position not only because of immigration from the Middle East and the Maghreb, but also with post-USSR world. Many Ukrainians due to the war and the worsening socio-economic situation in their own country can change the flow of migration from Poland and the Czech Republic to Estonia. In turn, this means that the problem of learning Estonian will solve much more complex than it is today. I believe in the threat of Russification! The danger lies in the delicate demographic balance, on which depends the preservation of the Estonian language. To ensure secure existence of the Estonian nation in historical perspective, keep Estonian language, culture, independence, increase competitiveness, to be stronger and ready for new challenges – should be created promising program of the Government of Estonia”, – said Mart Helme.

So what mr. Helme wanted to say his performance? We think that society (especially the right political camp) of young EU member states, including Estonia, starts a fever of danger and uncertainty of tomorrow. So there is some caution in tactical steps on the way to the final of European integration, especially when it concerns future EU member states, which fortunately didn’t become neither Ukraine nor any of the former USSR. Understanding the effects extreme-iberal and multicultural idea of “a single European state”, right-wing forces in Estonia, including the EKRE producing nonconformist ideology, which aims at removal of pan-European state under the banner of the EU.

Ukraine is a huge area that wants to be in European family of nations and Estonian politicians can really be and probably will be a regular supplier migrant’s send their views in “fat” Europe. Anxiety in most European countries, not only in Estonia, cause and Ukraine’s relations with its neighbors (primarily from Russia!). If someone believes that the day of joining the ranks of the EU bureaucracy in all Ukrainian are rapidly become very good, but on the contrary all Europeans coming economic collapse, this one very wrong!

Responding adequately to accusations of mr. Helme, we would like to note one interesting detail – do Ukrainians really want to unite with other Europe in EU? And here is to answer honestly to them: what will it bring to the average Ukrainian? There are obvious advantages: the abolition of the visa regime (the very possibility of which extends past 3 years without significant changes), economic and political stability and sense of security, but in reality, even these advantages – more populist and “for show” fat politicians and oligarchs servants. Most Ukrainians consider the prospect of membership as an opportunity to free movement of European continent, choosing a country for vacation, study or work not on a “which country give visa, there we go”. Many people sincerely believe that Ukrainian seek in Europe to build a truly democratic state.

The Mart Helme’s words, like other European nationalists, clearly given to understand that in EU us Ukrainians do not expect soon, or never in general! And then from the horizon of euroscepticism emerges the Ukrainian-skepticism with hazy twilight lit migratory flows of desperate refugees seeking a better life outside the homeland... Such terrible dreams after immigration invasion from Asia and Africa see modern Europeans, and not seek to press Ukraine a visa or even a kind of shield. But what if such zeal our government draws us there? The more vague statements of European officials, so optimistic about the future of Ukrainian diplomats and politicians. In our view, any goal much easier to achieve if you go to it gradually, concrete steps.

There are many different reasons why Ukraine is not necessary to go giant strides of EU-integration. What are the average Ukrainian give alien civilization and alien cultural world so let sodomy color, consumerism and the like mud, if it is your? In the state in which Ukraine is now and in all sectors in Europe it does not expect neither r now, nor ever... With all the ins and outs of Ukrainian society, it does not need anyone except himself. Ukrainians must thus become strong, show Europeans that our society can survive without their financial support, win that damn war from agonizing Putin’s Russia, and be finally on the path of national development, which bequeathed as Mykola Miknovskyi, Stepan Bandera, Mykola Stsiborskyi and other nationalist luminaries.

Ukrainians should educate themselves euroscepticism, but not one that can be seen among the affluent societies of the EU, such as Finland or Great Britain, but one that would show everyone that our nation deserves something more, than membership in the EU! Ukrainian nationalism does not perceive European integration in the form offered by the current Ukrainian authorities together with European officials. Ukrainians finally, after a long Soviet days total information blockade should all understand its importance in the world, because only the strongest get privileges and rewards!