Undoubtedly, Taras Shevchenko is probably the most significant figure for our nation. Of course, someone can call this assertion banal, but nobody can deny its truthfulness.

His poems are simple and not overloaded with excessive metaphors; his thoughts are chimerical, eclectic and sometimes contradictory - they reflects a Ukrainian soul. Shevchenko is loved by Ukrainians and feared by those, who has desired our nation to disappear. 

Ukrainians had loved Shevchenko: from the reactionary Black-Hundred Pochayiv Archimandrite Vitaly to the founders of scarlet Ukrainian republic; from daredevils-Cossack otamans of the Kholodnyi Yar to noble hetmans.

He had always been hated by long-nosed satirists, crafty aliens and the rest bastard who have genetically afraid of the Haidamaks' holy knife, the Great Kobzar wrote about.