Igor Girkin, one of the former leaders of Donbass terrorists also known as "Strelkov" confirmed the involvement of Russian troops in the military conflict in Donbass. In an interview to Roy TV he admit that the pro-Russian militias are fighting for money, not for ideas.

"They receive money not from the treasury of the republic ... and they aren't militien, there are no militants anymore. The 'militia' ended after Debaltsevo ... These are the contractors. And that isn't a "militia," but regular (Russian) troops" said Girkin-Strelkov.

"For a salary of 15 thousand, which is very good money there. If need be, they will shoot their own people. There is such a contingent, except for a number of units ... There are enough people who do not care about anything at all." he added.

Recall, Igor Girkin is a Russian FSB colonel, a resident of Russia. in the Spring of 2014 he played a key role in the Russian occupation of Crimea, and later the War in Donbass. "Strelkov" had actively participated in organisation of terrorist groups of the so-called DNR. On 15 April, the Security Service of Ukraine (sbu) opened a criminal proceeding against "Igor Strelkov." He was described as a Russian recruiter and leader of armed saboteurs and a chief organizer of the terror in Ukraine's Sloviansk Raion (including an ambush that killed one and wounded three SBU officers), who had coordinated Russian military takeovers of Ukrainian units in Crimea during the 2014 Crimea crisis in March, after having crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border in Simferopol on 26 February. In Crimea, he was reported to be instrumental in negotiating the defection of the Ukrainian Navy commander Denis Berezovsky. The next day (16 April), he allegedly sought to recruit Ukrainian soldiers captured at the entrance to Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian government claims Strelkov was behind the 17 April kidnapping, torture and murder of a local Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Rybak and a 19-year-old college student Yury Popravko. Rybak's abduction by a group of men in Horlivka was recorded on camera. In addition, it has been proved that Strelkov is involved in the shot down of MH 17.