On November 22 the many-thousand nationalist March of the National Dignity was held in Kyiv. The march has gathered three biggest right political movements of Ukraine - the Right Sector, the National Corps and the Svoboda, as well as the representatives of Ukrainian Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches and ordinary residents of the city.

The main goal for the nationalist movements on this march was to proclaim themselves as a joint front in the struggle against the ruling authorities. Three years has passed since the revolutionary events in the heart of Ukraine, however, we see that the current authorities have been continuing the work of the predecessors, pursuing just the same anti-national policy of complicity with the enemy.

The united nationalist column passed through the Government District of Kyiv shouting patriotic slogans right to the square at the Verkhovna Rada Building, where the nationalist movements leaders have taken the floor. First, Oleh Tyagnibok (Svoboda) drew attention to the catastrophic nature of the whole situation in the country, then Andriy Tarasenko (Right Sector) delivered an uncluttered speech in which he had emphasized the importance on the rapprochement of nationalist forces and creation of a joint "fist." In his turn Andriy Biletsky made a welcoming speech, after that he entered the Parliament to deliver the ultimatum to the current authorities during the session. 

The ultimatum states:

We speak on behalf of working and belligerent Ukraine. The first you have been destroying, the second you have betrayed.

Today a bunch of millionaires and billionaires usurped all power in the country. The president, the government and the vast majority of Parliament belong to the same clique. On the international arena, you claim to represent people who did not entitle you to exercise anything.

You are accountable for:

- The privatization and sale of the country;

- Extermination of Ukrainians by hunger, unemployment rates and tariffs;

- Humiliation, submission and surrender of the lands to the Kremlin.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, unite our efforts to counter giving up the country to the armed invaders from the East and the financial extortionists from the West, and most importantly - to destroy the thieves’ click called today "the authorities."

As statists, we demand to launch a new political course based on the priority of the national interests:

1. We will not allow the privatization of strategic enterprises;

2. We will not allow the sale agricultural land;

3. We will not allow the quarterly rising prices for utilities;

4. We will not allow the destruction of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and revision of the taxation system;

5. We will not allow raising the retirement age;

6. We demand the so-called special areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (controlled by terrorists) to recognize as the occupied territories;

7. We demand termination of all diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation;

8. We demand a real efficient mechanism of the president’s impeachment.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, are united and determined as never before. We assure you that if you try to ignore of our demands, we will have enough strength and courage to ensure the dissolution of the Parliament.

We begin the struggle to alter the selling authorities to the Ukrainian!

Glory to Ukraine!

To sum up it is necessary to note the main point of the National Dignity March - the three Ukraine's main right forces has declared themselves as a joint front. So everything just begins!