Russiastan - this term can be quite useful in the area of research, media and international relations as a definition for criminal-separatist groups, enclaves and areas, that Moscow constantly and systematically creates in other countries by means of armed force, investments, political pressure, terrorism and information warfare for the purpose of foreign expansion, political pressure and absorption of nature resources, industrial facilities and territories of neighboring countries.

Moscow has been producing that kind of quasi-state formations of buffer-bridgehead type by a single template since its invasion to the Ukrainian Republic in 1917 and foundation of puppet Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Then, Russian expanded the range of activities. First this resulted in the foundation of Kremlin-backed Moldavian ASSR in 24-40 years and Finnish Democratic Republic 39-40 years led by Kuusinen, which had been serving as bridgeheads for further spreading of new, left form of Moscow's cosmopolitan statehood. Later it grown to the scales of Socialist Camp, being supplemented by a number of Esat European countries, where an imitation "national self-determination" was implemented. Of course, they plans were failed in some cases, most striking example of this is Spain of 30's.

In the modern era, Moscow has launched an implementation of its new imperialist project. Not bothering itself with searching of new universalist ideas such as "world socialist revolution," Kremlin actively fueling conflicts all-over the post-USSR area, implementing in this way the creation of such "russiastans" in independent states. Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria as well as Crimea and Donbass are striking examples, which foundations were laid Russian special services back in Soviet times. Worth nothing that, everything does not boil down to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Same separatist projects have long been developed for every country of post-Socialist camp. 

Today's Donbass separatist project (also known as so-called "Novorossia") is a reincarnation of Tsarist Russia's "Novorossia" and Soviet red "Donetsk-Krivy Rig Republic" that were failed in their times because of significant predominance of Ukrainian ethnic element among the population of in the steppe regions of Southern Ukraine. 

Metastases of russiastans primarily affect areas with large Russian minority, which members use Russian language and accept only Soviet historical mythology. On this basis, they often provoke conflicts.

Another key factor is that implementing this "russiastan" projects the Kremlin disclaims responsibility for own actions in the face of the world. Having well promoted propaganda machine Russia representing such kind of invasion to neighbouring countries as a civil conflict, where Russian army plays a role of a peacekeeping force. In addition, suck operations are quite handy, since they allow the Kremlin elites to dump excess passionate tension within the state by utilizing and using of antisocial, criminal and opposition elements in the projects. 

When the separation process is completed, another russiastan gradually turns into a criminal isolate, a gray area through which Russia implements its shady business schemes. In this conditions remaining local population is doomed to become a cheap demographic resource for local economy, hybrid forces and internal colonization of undeveloped space of wide Russian land.

Summarizing worth mentioning that the "russiastan" is not just a specific status of a half-digested territory and society, but mostly a state of the collective psyche, inherent with low level of education, general intellectual and cultural degradation as well as increased tendency to hysteria, phobia and unwarranted aggression.

original by Andriy DENISENKO