A disaster struck the city of Balaklia, Kharkiv region on March 23 - unknown individuals committed arson at the largest military warehouse of the missile and artillery equipment of the Ministry of Defense, which caused the detonation arsenal. The military warehouse is located just 90 kilometers from the eastern front line, but the incident has proved that protection of the strategic facility was organized extremely unprofessional.

According to Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, about 70% of ammunition was destroyed. He added that the incident "has not affected the state of combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine." However, military experts do not share the minister's optimistic conclusions. According to unofficial information, about 30% of ammunition of Ukraine's army was stored in the warehouse near Balaklia. But what's more catastrophic is that in result of the sabotage we lost a large number of probably most useful large-caliber shells of 152 mm.

The investigation continues. The Security Service claims believes the Russian sabotage as the main version of the crime.  At the same time the investigative commission stubbornly rejects the version of negligence of Defense Ministry officials, referring to recent inspection. Nevertheless, whatever the results of the investigation, it is obvious that the enemy conducts large-scale sabotage operations throughout the country. And it is not only about subversive groups, but also Kremlin's agents, that had been infiltrated to the Ministry of Defense for last dozens of years.

Quite positive point is that the catastrophe was quickly stopped and its effects have been neutralized for maximum short term. In addition to the MES employees a large number of volunteers arrived to the town to provide help to local citizens. High society mobilization situation was one of the key factors, that helped to take control over the critical situation. Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that the arson of army warehouses in Balaklia wasn't not the first such incident afret the outbreak of war. Previously an arson was made in a warehouse near Svatove town, Luhansk region. Once again Ukraine has managed to overcome the disaster.