Making its plot on the recent missile strike on the Syrian Shayrat Air Base, camera of Russian journalists accidentally captured empty containers of Russian  production. Experts noted that such sort of containers could be equipped with cluster, volumetric detonating or chemical munitions.

Recall, earlier the U.S. intelligence claimed that the Shayrat Air Base was the source of the chemical attack at Khan Shaykhun town on April 4. What's really surprising is that the photos were made by Russian journalists. Namely, on Friday the Kremlin's RIA News Agency published photos from the Syrian air base after the strikes, on which can be seen a bunch of small cargo containers, that serving for several purposes, including as storage container for chemical weapons.

Important to note, that exactly the same containers can be seen on photos, taken earlier in the Bryansk and Penza regions (Russian Federation) during the destruction of chemical weapons. Of course, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty whether the Russian containers from the air base had been serving for storing chemical weapons. But we can make some conclusions, especially after Russia blocked a UN resolution to investigate the chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheyhun.

In general, this incident reminds another blowout of Russian military correspondents, when in a plot they shown a Russian jet taking off for the mission with a cluster bomb on its wing, while the Russian Defence Ministry ensured they "do not use cluster munitions."