After having drank a poison during the announcement of a sentence in the Hague Tribunal, the Croatian general Slobodan Praljak died at the hospital. The court confirmed his 20-year imprisonment for allegedly commited crimes against Bosnian Muslims in 90's. Praljak drank something from the glass, that he managed to take to the courtroom, stating that it was a poison.
In 2013, General Praljak was convicted to 20 years imprisonment by the International Tribunal for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. The appeal did not change the sentence. Seeing that he would not achieve justice, the Croatian general exclaimed "Praljak is not a war criminal!" before drinking poison. 

The General's Samurai-kind gesture has became a judgment for the Hague Tribunal itself. Earlier, the Hague judges had already shown what their justice realy is by convicting the Croatian Independence War hero, General Ante Gotovina (later he was acquitted).

Events in Hague should be an occasion to ponder for those naive Ukrainians who dream of a "tribunal over Putin." The dreams of this are not just utopian, but also absurd, since the Hague Tribunal has proven to be extremely biased and politically opportunistic. Given the Western inclination to settle its relations with Russia at the expense of Ukraine, quite possible that if one of the Donbass war participants are find themselves on the verge of defendants in the Hague, it willl be commanders of Ukrainian volunteer battalions, who keep pouring with dirt by so-called "international human rights organizations." One we have no doubts is that the current Ukrainian authorities will gladly take the away for some benefirs from the EU - just as Croatian liberals have handed over to the Hague "justice" of those who had defended the independence of Croatia. 

by the Natsionalny Corpus