For 70 years, Ukraine had been an experimental site for Bolshevic Moscow, who had been testing its economic and political methods of mass destruction and suppresion on our ancestors. The Holodomor is most known of them. The first attempt was made in 1921-1923, then the death toll was from 200 to 500 thousands people. But this is nothing compared to the artificially arranged famine of 1932-1933. According to various historical sources, from 7 to 11 million Ukrainians had been perished during the year! This is third part of whole population in Soviet-controlled part of Ukrainian lands.

In just one year, the entire rural area of Polissya, Kuban, Podillya, Sloboda, Don, Dnipro, Siver lands and the Black-Sea region died out - more than one generation of Ukrainians was killed. The cradle of the Ukrainian national identity - the peasantry - was buried by the red invaders. So it is not surprising that the communist ideas of collectivism and anti-nationalism were imposed to suppress the colorful and rebellious essence of a Ukrainian village ...

Ukrainian nationalists, the Pravyi Sektor National-Liberation Movement with pain recalls millions of Ukrainians, tortured by the Bolshevik-arranged Holodomor!

We remember and we will revenge!

The Pravyi Sector