In early November, a tumultuous lawsuit against the Finnish National Resistance Movement (Suomen Kansallinen Vastarintaliike) was started in Finnish Tampere. The main goal of the prosecution side is to ban the activities of the patriotic movement in the territory of the Republic of Finland. Earlier, the Finnish National Police Council demanded not only to ban the organization through its active anti-migrant policy position, but also to arrest the most active members, who had conducted raids on local extreme-left rallies.

Thus, the prosecutor's office and employees of the Ministry of Justice of Finland are trying to find at least some gaps in the legislation to represent the legally established patriotic organization as an organized crime group. At the same time, the police decided to involve quite a dubious figure to the lawsuit. The main representative of the prosecution was Markku Fredman - a lawyer with an interesting past...

As local independent journalists have managed to find out, the founder of the "Fredman & Mansson" law firm in the 1980s was a member of the pro-Soviet organization "Demla", which had been working closely with the special services of the GDR. When the socialist camp lived his last years, Markku Fredman, together with other Finnish leftists, was engaged in concealing of the Soviet crimes against human rights, both in Finland and in the neighboring USSR. In turn, the attorneys of the Finnish Nationalist Resistance Movement have already put forward a number of fair claims in court regarding the prosecution's ideological biasedment, that contradicts to the current legislation of the Republic of Finland.

It should also be noted that for the last 25 years Markku Fredman has raised more than one generation of cultural marxism promoters in the framework of his pseudo-legal structure.  Having being armed with beautiful slogans about "human rights defence" members of "Demla" affect the Finnish legislation, which sometimes contradicts the principles of the Constitution of the Suomi. And now we can observe a real staging in a court - leftists with legal diplomas, under the supervision of Finnish law enforcement agencies, are trying to persecute dissenters, accusing the nationalists of all mortal sins. 

What to say, the gangrene of multicultural arbitrariness uses its latest efforts to prevent justice. For our part, we will continue to monitor the trial of the Finnish patriots in order to keep our hands on the pulse of events. 

the Pravij Sector