Ukrainians refuse to celebrate Soviet "the Defender of the Fatherland Day", "Red Army Day" in fact (February 23)

February 23? No,
the Feast of Pokrova is the
Defender of the Fatherland Day!

February 23 "Worker-peasant army - Red Army" - of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic - the RSFSR began forming according to the Lenin Decree. 

Here is an excerpt of the Decree:

 "of 15 January 1918: The Council of People's Commissars orders: to organize a new army under the name: " Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army" on the following grounds: 

2. Provide possibility to joining its ranks for all citizens of the Socialist Republic of Russia who are 18 years of age. Everyone who wants to give his life to protect the October Revolution and the Soviet Socialist government should join the ranks of the Red Army."

"Red Army", fulfilling a political order of Lenin and Trotsky, left a bloody-red trail, spreading hate and reaping of death at all the territories, occupied by the previous incarnation of the empire, including the Ukrainian lands. They established dictatorship of "Proletariat", regime of terror and almost restored the concept of "prison of nations" in Russia (Marquis de Custine idiom) in its former imperial borders. Therefore, this date is festive in Russia as in country - descendant of Russian Empire and Soviet Union first of all!

Although Red Army slogans: "expropriation and collectivization" and "rob, that was robbed before!" does not tally with protective functions, but given the role of protecting imperial interests - everything falls into place. However, how can the day of the enemy army creation be the festive day for Ukrainian people? Is it maus be Ukrainian gratitude "for bullets in the walls of Sophia" (Y. Malaniuk); for the millions of killed and tortured Ukrainians; for millions of Ukrainians, who was evicted from the Ancestors lands and exiled to Siberia? 

Clearly, the current Ukrainian government brought up in the Soviet system of coordinates so they nostalgically cherished "values" of his "Socialist Fraternal" for last twenty years. Therefore "Defender of the Fatherland Day" was saved in our country, actually linking it to "Day of Defenders of the October Revolution and the Soviet Socialist government."

Just a year ago, Ukrainians have mentioned that their true fest of the Fatherland Defender is the glorious October 14 - Feast of Pokrova (Day of Ukrainian weapons, Cossacks day, day of the founding of UPA), instead of February 23, even those who once before voted for the national independence of Ukraine, and those, who born in independent state, putting a hand on the heart in the performance of the national anthem and singing the sacral words "We`ll lay down our bodies and souls to attain our freedom, and we`ll show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation". Did they not understand, that Ukrainian heroes, fighters for independence of our Holy land are fought against the Red Army too? So why we need to celebrate the day of its creation? It is one of pseudo historical noncence?

I think people should decide what kind of country is their real Homeland.

Victor Serdulets. 2013