Recently, the transnational company Coca-Cola has published a map of the Russian Federation with the Crimean peninsula within its borders. Then the representatives of the corporation publicly apologised to Ukraine and changed the map, and after that they apologized before the Russian Federation... 

So, the above mentioned case is another eloquent evidence of the fact that all your national values, patriotic feelings could be important for the members of big transnational business only as a way to persuade you to not refuse to buy their product. This is the situation, when the modern world shows us its pig's snout. Transnational capital and its servants don't care about your "outdated" values, such as a national dignity of religion, the modern world prays to the golden calf.

This incident become a heavy blow for liberals, who really loved Coca-Cola as a symbol of western consumer lifestyle. It was first time when the Ukrainian liberals have been wronged not by the Right Sector members and other conservatives through crackdown of one more LGBT-action; this time our EU-integrators and the western world fans got a slap from their "friends." However, the Ukrainian nationalists and other Eurosceptics were not surprised by such Coca-Cola's action. It's no wonder that a transnational corporation gladly collaborates with a cosmopolitan neo-empire with advanced consumer culture.

Do you know the difference between Ukraine and the Coke for the western world? If the Ukrainian state would disappear tomorrow an ordinary citizen of the modern world it would mean only an impoverishment of informational space; in parallel, disappearance of the Coke from his life would be a catastrophe, that would be an incident, equivalent to burning of the Alexandrian library - disaster, a part of his civilisation has disappeared! A part of fake and plastic civilisation, which swallows and chews everything around. Would we continue to drink Coke?

According to materials of ЧОРНАРАДА