The March of the Greatness of Spirit - traditional March of Vyshyvankas in honour of veterans of the SS "Galicia" Division was held in Lviv on April 28. First the column of patriots dressed in Vyshyvanka (the Ukrainian traditional embroidered shirt) had marched through the center of the City of Lion, after that the activists held a solemn meeting at the memorial to Taras Shevchenko, wich was continued with commemoration the division heroes in the Lychakiv cemetary.

The Lviv residents have carefully cherished the memory of those passionate young men, who stood up in attempt to protect their native land, their cities, towns, villages and homes from the Asian invasion on those April days.  

The solemn meeting at the Shevchenko's memorial was attended by veterans of the "Galicia" Division. One of them - Ivan Mamchur shared his memories of those days. In general, the veterans were touched by the fact, that the representatives of young generation continue to cherish the memory of those days despite all efforts both the Kremlin and the Western liberals have made to erase the memory of Ukrainian national-liberation struggle.  ]

In his speech the leader of Lviv branch of the Right Sector with callsign "Hummer" emphasized that the historical discourse in modern Ukraine has continued to move towards refusing all artifical stereotypes associated with the Second World War, and especially the role of Ukrainians those events. For UKranians that was not a war of "ours against Germans," but a multifaced page in the national history, full of heroical and dramatic moments. A huge number of Ukrainians, Georgians, Belarusians, Croats, Russians and almost all the European nations had their own objective reasons to participate the Germany's side during the WW2. And we don't afraid to honour the memory of those brave men, who fought in the ranks of the SS "Galica" Division because we know the reasons of a decision they made! The meeting was also attended by known modern Ukrainian poet Yuriy Ruf, who recited his poetry. 

The great deeds of our ancestors inspired and encouraged the Ukrainian youth to rise against invaders and their deeds are inspiring us now to protecting Europe from the same hordes of Asian barbarians.