Unfortunately, this year's March of the Independence of Poland had a bit negative reverberations in Ukrainian media space because of an incident with a Ukrainian flag, arranged by a group of provocateurs. Although the incident was offset by the fact that the provocateurs had been punished by Polish nationalists, it has caused new public discussions on the Polish-Ukrainian relations. Nevertheless, the date of 11th of November 2016 has become a manifesto of new Poland, it demonstrated the country's further development direction, its aspiration and prospects.

This year the festive march was held under an ambitious slogan "Poland is a bastion of Europe." Polish nationalists decided to invite nationalists from all over the Europe using old interorganizational connections and motivating propaganda, in particular by means of video-invitation made in different languages, in which they called upon the European nationalists to unite efforts in a joint struggle for the future of Europe - especially against migrant invasion and dangerous social experiments by corrupt political elites of the European Union.

The main positive feature of the pan-European slogans, had been sounded by Polish nationalists, is that they resonate with Warsaw's official political course. However, the current order of things was preceded by a period of sharp contradictions between the country's authorities and the nationalist movement. Clashes with police, arrests of activists and all sorts of provocations were common at nationalist marches before. The situation has changed for the better last year; the Polish president Andrzej Duda has personally shown that the new government counts on the partnership with the nationalists.

It is very important for the PiS (the Law and Justice party) to muntain good relations with the Polish nationalist youth, and they actually do well with this even though its heterogeneity. In general this will help the ruling party to avoid the Hungarian scenario, Indeed it is essential for the Law and Justice (PiS) party, as for a right political force, to have good relations and support among the Polish nationalist youth, and they actually do well with this. In this way the PiS have good chances to avoid splits in the country's right movement in future, and not to repeat the fate of Hungarian Fidesz which being a moderate right is forced to compete with radical Jobbik.

However, the ruling party's steps toward rapprochement with the public nationalist forces isn't comes down to pragmatic attempts to eliminate possible political opponents at the right side of course. The nationalist youth together with conservative and religious civic movements create a special configuration in the field of cultural hegemony, which is quite favorable for the PiS party and its political course in general. At the same time, the youth nationalist youth is a wonderful personnel fund.

Overall, maximalism and categoriality, that are inherent to nationalists, promote to development of a balanced political course. In practice - nationalists proclaim clearly anti-EU slogans in the streets of Poland, while the ruling government acts counter to the European bureaucrats (it resists to Brussels' centralist aspirations; opposes to the migrant quotas policy; focuses on such moral principles which run counter to cultural-marxist ideology; puts forward an ambitious program of reforms for the European Union.) without affecting the topic of leaving the EU. 

Therefore, considering the present rapport between the official Warsaw and the Polish nationalist movement we can believe that the slogan of "Poland is a bastion of Europe" has a ground to be sounded. Of course, this isn't enought to pursue a nation-oriented policy in one particular country to establish  real bastion of Europe. Radical recovery of Europe requires the cooperation of many countries.

Positive trends in the political development of Poland - is another argument that speaks in favor of intensification of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation, including establishing friendly relations between the nationalist movements in both countries.