How often we meet contradictions between right forces, arising when someone tries to put his personal political ambitions above a nation's interests. This sort of contradictions as usually result in conflicts and splits, which is beneficial first of all to leftist anti-national forces, which, as it is known,  will  always come to an agreement on the issues of opposing to nationalists.

A striking example of this we saw in Hungary last week, when the country's parliamentarians were voting for an amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits Hungarian government to admit refugees. In our days you could hardly find such a positive and necessary draft law,  which would have made literally more to ensure a future for Europe, its peoples and native cultures.

It would seem that the Hungarian politicians should unite for its approval, but it hasn't happened. The point is that the draft amendment had been filed by the Hungarian ruling moderate right Fidesz party. So come that its main opposition in the parliament is the Jobbik - another right party which pursues more radical policy. As was expected the Fidesz party members have voted for the nation-defencive amendment, although it wasn't enough and it would be logical that the nationalists from Jobbik will vote for it too. However, the party refrained, explaining its actions: "in this way the Fidesz tries to hide its corruption." In fact they just could not accept that Orban's party can down in history as a political force, which brought such historically significant changes into the Hungarian constitution. 

As a result, the attempt to amend the Constitution was failed. Liberals and cultural marxists throughout Europe are over the moon. The reason is simple - a narrow-mind. It must be noted that the Jobbik members not only engaged in such beastliness as agitation to separatism in the Zakarpattia region of Ukraine, South regions of Slovakia and northen Serbia, by which they have been promoting to the outbreak of new conflicts between the European nations in this hard times, but also act unconstructively in Hungary.