"... and if choosing between a bread and freedom a nation will choose the first one, it will eventually lose everything including bread."
- Stepan Bandera

Holodomor is a terrible crime, committed by Moscow against the very existence of Ukrainian nation, which had affected the social basis of the nation, its cultural and spiritual identity. The memory of the famine of 1932-33 is important not only for the victims, had been tortured the Soviet system, but for us, the present generation, as an example of the dire consequences of compromises with an enemy. Enslavement is always a result of collective rejection of struggle, search for compromises and disarmament, that is nothing but an act of capitulation.

In fact, an act of capitulation in the Ukrainian-Soviet War of 1917-1921 was signed neither by the UNR fighters nor by the Kholodnyi Yar insurgents. A silent capitulation was declared by ordinary people who, being depleted by the war, eventually believed in the tales of a bright future, the Bolshevik agitators had told. There are many forces who have been working actively in last years to sow the grains of defeatism in minds of Ukrainian people, in particular through the imposition of the point that the so-called "peace plan," the way of appeasement the enemy by means of negotiations and agreements is the only way to achieve peace. 

What are the parallels between the present events in Ukraine and those tragic events of the first part of XX century? The main purpose of the Holodomor of 1932-33 was the destruction of a nation, which not just stubbornly refused to fit into the framework of communist ideas but also broke out with numerous anti-Bolshevik uprisings. Does the Kremlin need now a nation at its Western border, which is characterized with a high level of nationalism, national consciousness and rapidly evolving civic culture? Obviously it doesn't, moreover, it is considered as a threat! Considering the experience of the past (especially during the rule of Yanukovich's party) we can see that Moscow has been implementing more sophisticated methods of physical and spiritual destruction of the Ukrainian nation. The horror our nation had passed through during the Soviet time was a result of compromise with the enemy, our people agreed to take when the thesis of "we want to live a peaceful life" won in a social discourse. Shortly thereafter terror, mass killing and degradation fell upon Ukraine; Moscow does gave us a good historical lesson.