The family of Russian nationalists was forced to escape in Ukraine due to persecution.

Large Russian family was forced to migrate from Eastern Russia to Carpathian Ukraine last summer. In Russia they were persecuted by local authorities due to nationalist position. 
The couple with nine children, the youngest of which only three years, leave a large farm and abandon Russian citizenship. Woman with children settled in a small Western Ukrainian village, and the head of the family are joined the ranks of the DUC "Right Sector" battalion. (We had wrote about him before "Here is the revelations of another Russian nationalist").

The couple professes nationalist and conservative ideas, it was the reason for Putin`s neo-Bolshevik regime to persecuting the family. They saw a glimpse of further nationalist revolution in Maidan and solve to go to Ukraine.

We made sure in the fact that a large number of Russian nationalists share their beliefs. After all, "anti-fascism" is the dominant ideology of Putin's Russia - a mixture of communist myths, Western liberalism and policy of multiculturalism. Russians are slowly dying as a nation In the conditions of Russian post-Soviet imperialism. A lot of Russian nationalists were imprisoned due to opposing to the Putin`s regime.

While the husband (Oleg) is fighting in Donbass, Tatiana and their children received the citizenship of Ukraine. Now the family are awaiting the birth of one more child.