Anti-fascist "Novorossia" supporters were arrested in Spain

Anti-fascists, communists, which took part in the war in Ukraine on the of pro-Russian terrorists side were arrested in Spain. The ideological successors of rotten "Republicans", they remember the covenants of their predecessors - "Russia - yes! Spain - no!". Thank God Spaniards still remember the terrible implications of anti-national Republican government ruling in Spain, which almost led to the destruction of the state.

It seemed that the communists wanted to turn Spain to the Soviet Russia province. Marx, Lenin and Stalin portraits was literally everywhere In Madrid. «¡Viva la Rusia!» was a habitual slogan. Instead, Spanish patriots could be arrested for the slogan «¡Arriba España!».

Military, nationalists, traditionalists, the Curch, the general population (especially farmers), they all had anti-Republican position.

After the beginning of anti-Republican uprisings in Spain, Moscow start to send there so-called "volunteers" - International Brigades (analogue of those bastards, who are fighting now in ranks of LNR and DNR - army of "Novorossiya")... more here: The order of Junta. Ukraine and the European experience.

Eight citizens were arrested by the Spanish police. The arrests were made in Asturias, Catalonia, Extremadura, Murcia, Navarra and Madrid as part of a special operation.

The detainees were involved in armed conflict in the Donbas, they are accused of crimes such as murder, possession of weapons and explosives, as well as actions against the interests of Spain.