Andriy Biletsky about the birth of a new Ukrainian elite

Our nation passed through the revolution and now we pass through the war. The war of such magnitude, which any European nation did not even know since World War II times. But we are still not given birth a new national elite, political, military and moral. The birth of a new national elite is the most urgent task now. And it will be, its members are in among the soldiers in the trenches, among the volunteers, among the scientists which help us by a lot of useful things. Surely, this elite has been generated! They have not yet taken their rightful place, but when this happens, this new elite will have a great responsibility to the Ukrainian people and clear understanding about the mission of Ukraine in the World. Then everything will be fine. Nowadays Ukrainian elite is the people which were satisfied by Ukraine in role of semi-satellite of Russia and now it is very difficult for them to wage war against the master. But everything will fall into place.