Right Sector is ready to start liberation operation in Donetsk - Dmytro Yarosh

National Deputy of Ukraine and the Right Sector leader - Dmytro Yarosh stated that the DUC soldiers are ready and really able to liberate Donetsk.

"Our soldiers showed high level of professionalism since of first Right Sector`s combat operation. It was 20th April. Then we got some losses, but the enemy has received much more. That`s how we have started, our first operation, such things are always memorable.

Later we have liberated many towns ...Karlivka, Peski, we was first, we have entered to Donetsk first with the 93th Airborne brigade and "Dnipro-1" battalion, and we were able to go forward, but our tanks were in poor condition. We were really able to liberate Donetsk then, enemy`s checkpoints were destroyed."

"Liberation of Avdiivka - another our operation. It was completed in the evening, big city at the north of Donetsk, we have took this city with fights and took positions in office buildings at the city center, all terrorists were eliminated or fled. I remember this morning - sun is shining, people began to go out, came to us, someone wary, someone happy, someone started to hugging us and told that they were waiting for us..."

The commander has also noted a high morale and offencive potential among the nationalist battalion fighters, that is constrained by the Minsk agreements. 

Interview to "Obozrevatel"