We are going into the wide world from the depths of our glorious nation with God in our hearts and a sword by our side.

We are going to a peasant’s hut, to our brother, who with his callous hands ploughs the land, saturated with the blood of his ancestors; the land, whose fruits are being sold by invaders and occupiers at predatory crossroads of East and West; and we declare that the land should belong to whoever cultivates it, and that there are moments when the plough should be stuck not into the land, but into the enemy’s body, in defense of one’s right to be a master of his own land.

We’ll go to the factories, where the exploited Ukrainian worker strikes gold for his oppressors, getting the meager owned money as alms, and we’ll teach him that only in the truly Ukrainian state he will be able to arrange his life on his own land.

We’ll go to the coalmines, where the parasite, using the hands of the Ukrainian miner, extracts the treasures of the Ukrainian land, which belong to the Ukrainian nation, and therefore to the miner himself, as a son of that nation.

At midnight, we’ll also drop by those, who suck blood out of Ukrainians, and remind them that nothing in the world costs as much as a tear, shed by Mother Ukraine in her loneliness, and there is no recompense that would soften our pain. The price must be paid in full!

We’ll also visit little children in their school, where the enemy tries to fill their hearts with poison from Moscow and Washington, and we’ll teach them love and devotion to their native land.

We’ll knock till we are heard on the noble Cossack heart, in the depth of which there is the understanding of sacred truths: Faith and Honor are above life.

And our goal is one: the Ukrainian National State; and the road to it - is a Struggle.

We’ll win the Ukrainian State or die in the battle for it.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!